The Last Temptation of Things

Saturday, 22 October, 2022 —

Zero Waste Solution, Wareham, MA PHOTO: DAVID RATCLIFFE

“I cling like a miser to the freedom that disappears as soon as there is an excess of things.” – Albert Camus, Lyrical and Critical Essays.

Let me tell you a story about a haunted house and all the thoughts it evoked in me.

Do we believe we can save ourselves by saving things?

Or do our saved possessions come to possess their saviors?

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The Wolfowitz Doctrine Led to the Disastrous War in Iraq: Now it is Leading to a Potentially Even More Cataclysmic War in Asia

Sunday, 23 October, 2022 — CovertAction Magazine

By Aidan O’Brien

Paul Wolfowitz, the Pentagon's Soul , by Paul Labarique[Source:]

The Project for a New American (Racist )Century is omnipresent in the capitals of Europe today. From Dublin to Berlin—Ukrainian colors are on flagpoles, bus stops and buildings. The subtext is blonde hair and blue eyes.

America and its European clients (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization—NATO) now see Ukraine much like Israel sees the West Bank—a frontier beyond which are subhuman Asians.

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 Ukrainian Power Outages, the US 101st Airborne, and Russia’s Next Big Move

Sunday, 23 October 2022 — Land Destroyer

(The New Atlas) – Update on Russian operations against Ukraine for October 23, 2022.

  • Russian missile and drone strikes continue targeting and crippling Ukraine’s power grid,
  • Ukraine is attempting to target a major dam at Nova Kakhkovka to flood the Dnieper River and disrupt Russian supply lines to Kherson city;
  • Western analysts admit Ukraine is in a critical situation and risks being completely cut off from its Western sponsors;
  • The US is putting pieces in place to set up a buffer zone in Ukraine to prevent Russian forces from taking western Ukraine and perhaps even Odesa to prevent what’s left of Ukraine from becoming landlocked.