US Troops in Ukraine – Confirmed

Wednesday, 2 November 2022 — Mintpress News

Us in ukraineThe Pentagon has confirmed that active-duty US military personnel have been deployed to Ukraine.

To date, the United States has pumped over $50 billion in military and economic assistance into the country.

2 thoughts on “US Troops in Ukraine – Confirmed

  1. WillD says:

    A dangerous escalation on the part of the US, as it also means that Russia can now legitimately target those US troops. Russia has already warned that foreign troops participating in the conflict would be ‘fair game’.

    How far will the US go in provoking a direct confrontation, and then using it as a justification to attack Russia directly. If the US attacks Russia directly, it will be in response to a supposed ‘false flag’ attack by Russia using tactical nukes in Ukraine, and it will use nukes directly against Russia – thus starting WWIII !!!!

    This seems to be what the deranged necons in Washington want. That’s what they were hoping to do with the ‘dirty bomb’ trick.

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