Ukraine News Links 28-29 November 2022

Tuesday, 29 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

Some Importnat Points…

The US Hijacking of G20

A short tale of two peace agreements

ASEAN at the center of recent international fora

Afghanistan and regional security in Central Asia

Black and Blue: The Many Ways of Domestic Violence World

Washington is running out of weapons to give Ukraine. Is this checkmate for U.S. imperialism?

Alex Rubinstein On Nazism In Ukraine, NAFO And Information Warfare

A New Term For Me From Larry.

Peace In Rome

Maybe Bill Gates’ Billions Don’t Make Him an Expert on Hunger in Africa

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-211

Putin’s Sledgehammer

Lavrov’s comments: Film, Nazism on Trial

What to expect in Russia’s winter offensive in Ukraine

Ukraine War – A Contentious Graveyard In Poland

60-80% of Twitter accounts posting on Russia-Ukraine war are bots, 90% pro-Ukraine

Ukraine delegation visits ‘Israel’, ‘Tel Aviv’ covers up visit: Media

Zhou Enlai’s Posthumous Triumph

The Crux of the Putin-Xi Revolution for a New World Order – Arresting the Slide to Nihilism

Briefing: Maria Zakharova

New ‘Slow Coup’ attempt in Bolivia

Russia reverts to US biological military program abroad

Schrödinger’s Protests in China

On Deciding Who’s Kicked Out: Palestine and World Cup ‘22

Video: “The CIA has been developing Fascists in Ukraine for 70 years.” Douglas Valentine

Ukraine News Links 26-27 November 2022

Morbid Symptoms, Premature Obituaries: The American Empire 

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