Ukraine News Links 2-3 December 2022

Saturday, 3 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

An African View On Ukraine

ACTION ALERT: NYT Has Found New Neo-Nazi Troops to Lionize in Ukraine

Conflict In Ukraine Is Doomed To Escalate

The pandemic & the war have accelerated U.S. imperialism’s self-consumption, bringing revolution closer

Massive Lying About The War In Ukraine

Around The Net.

Whales and People: A Tragedy!

The West Is Balancing Between Hostility Toward Russia And Disappointment In Ukraine

Maligned In Western Media, Donbass Forces Are Defending Their Future

Gallic Rebuke: France and the US Rules-based Order

The Volatility of US Hegemony in Latin America (Part 1)

What Happened To (Once) Mighty Bundesmachine…

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-215

Musk Provides Twitter Censorship Files

Daily Chronicles

FM Lavrov: Conference European Security Issues

Ukraine: US Launches a Fascist Government, and World War Three?

Deliberate Ambiguity: Israel’s Nukes Are the Greatest Threat to the Middle East

NYT, WSJ Look to Hawks for Ukraine Expertise

Newsbits On Ukraine – Swamp Trenches, Short Training, Out Of Ammo

Srebrenica in the Ukraine

NATO Exists to Solve the Problems Created by NATO’s Existence

NYT Has Found New Neo-Nazi Troops to Lionize in Ukraine. “The Bratstvo Battalion”, “The Christian Taliban”

Ukrainian Military Casualties Are Big Trouble for Biden

The Goldilocks War

Writing the Ukraine War History, As It Happens

Watch: Ukraine, NATO, and the State of the EU w/ MEP Clare Daly!

Selected Articles: Debunking Lies About the War in Ukraine

FM Lavrov: Dialogue for the Future

Issue of Numbers (Andrei Martyanov)

Ukraine News Links 30 November – 1 December 2022

NATO Narratives and Corporate Media Are Leading to ‘Doorstep of Doom’

The Pentagon Budget Keeps Soaring Up, Up, and Away!

Schrödinger’s Protests in China (updates)

Daily Chronicles

‘Lula’s Victory Is One of the Most Impressive Political Comebacks of the Last 100 Years’ – CounterSpin interview with Brian Mier on Brazilian election 

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