Ukraine News Links 22-23 December2022

Friday, 23 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

What is the Rules-Based Order?

Modi Ignores West’s Sanctions On Russia

Will Korea send its shells to Ukraine, and more importantly, which Korea?

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A New Year’s Message

23 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

Wow, what a year eh! 2023 promises to be a watershed year for the planet and for all kinds of reasons. I think it may well be the year that decides whether our species has a future or not. Will the Evil Empire triumph or will it take us all down with its demise?

Meanwhile, I’m reducing my work here, largely because I have to complete a novel I started some years ago and after rereading it recently and having a friend (and a professional) read and critique it I’ve decided  that’s well worth completing and hopefully, get it published in 2023. It needs some work, not a lot of work but I need to clear the deck so-to-speak, to complete it without the pressure of maintaining The New Dark Age. Maintaining this site to my own satisfaction, actually takes several hours of work a day and to think I started doing something very similar when I launched New York On-Line when I lived in Brooklyn, NY in 1983, that’s a long time, 40 years!

So here’s to a just and healthy 2023

¡A luta continua!


What In Zelenski’s “Epic Piece Of Theater” Was “Daring” And “Bold”?

Friday, 23 December 2022 — Moon of Alabama


Zelensky’s Weapons Wish List Goes Mostly Unfulfilled on Trip to Washington – New York Times – Dec 22, 2022

After his daring 10-hour dash to the nation’s capital on Wednesday, Mr. Zelensky left with nearly $2 billion in new arms and equipment — as well as a likely commitment from Congress for nearly $50 billion in additional aid next year.

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