Ukraine News Links 10-11 December 2022

Sunday, 11 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

Journalist in Donestk: Ukrainian Gov’t Put Me On a Hit List Because of My Reporting

Larry On The US Military…

Capitalist decay, the prospect of social upheaval, & the path to victory over the bourgeois state

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Watch: Lift the criminal sanctions on Syria NOW! Please watch, share and write to your MP, media/government

Sunday, 11 December 2022 — UK Column

While all the focus is on the plight of Ukrainians facing a winter without energy, everyone seems to have forgotten that Syria has been living under western Sanctions for eleven years.

Vanessa Beeley explains the impact of sanctions on the people of Syria and appeals for everyone to assist in raising awareness, and having them lifted.

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War as an Option

Sunday, 11 December 2022 — The van says…

There are no half-measures with a choice such as this. It is either measured words or immeasurable suffering.


Russia’s Special Military Operation has now been ongoing since February, yet there are still an immense number of people still saying that the situation should have been solved through diplomatic rather than bellicose means. With news this week regarding Merkel’s revelations concerning the Minsk Agreements, this article shall examine whether peace ever was an option and how the war is a result not only of political excess, but also an absence of common sense and good intentions on the part of Germany as well as others.

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