Ukraine News Links 8-10 December 2022

Saturday, 10 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

Captivity, Inequality, Familiarity

How Bigotry Weakens A Country

Iran against the West’s hybrid warfare

U.S. imperialism’s global defeat portends to how its internal defeat will go

Fyodor Lukyanov Is Lost (Again)…

Untrustworthy By Mr. Smith.

Why America Aims To Deindustrialize Europe

Von der Leyen’s Special Tribunal As Fascist Theatre

The enmity between China and the USA – what will happen next?

Biden’s rail worker betrayal represents the demise of liberal politics

“Ukraine conflict is an informational war as well as a military conflict.” Interview with Arnaud Develay

Ukraine, Russia, and the New World Order

Are Ukrainians Russians?

Putin talks Ukraine, Merkel and nuclear war

Our materials in Telegram (03.12 – 09.12)

Merkel Spills Beans on How U.S. and NATO Partners Planned War in Ukraine Against Russia

‘Minsk II Was Agreed On To Arm Ukraine’ – Did Merkel Really Say That?

The Complete Destruction of Ukraine is Unavoidable (Douglas Macgregor)

Xi’s Visit and the Future of the Middle East: China-Arab Ties are Permanent

The West Must Stop Blocking Negotiations Between Ukraine and Russia

Xi’s Visit and the Future of the Middle East: What Does China Want from the Arabs

Oligopoly Unchecked: Michael Hudson interview

EU’s Oil Price Cap Creates a Price Cap… on Stupidity

Bye Bye Bakhmut. It’s Time for the Truth

Beware of Long Wars

Rishi Sunak’s Bali Fiasco and Then His Bland Banquet Babble

Video: Russia’s Large Winter Offensive, Dwindling Western Arms Supplies

Child Diplomat Receives Letter from Syrian President

NATO’s Iraqi Oil for Food Program Targets Russia

US ‘success’ is Ukraine’s disaster

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-220

Putin: Risk of Nuclear War “Rising”, Ukraine Operation to be “Long Process”

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Daily Chronicles

Ukraine: Three Tragedies – Putin 1, Biden 2

Is History Repeating Itself? And Who Will Be Today’s Ted Hall? An Interview With the Principals of ‘A Compassionate Spy’

Ukraine News Links 6-7 December 2022

Where’s the Antiwar Movement?

Daily Chronicles

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