Ukraine News Links 17-18 December 2022

Sunday, 18 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

Stop US Wars: MLK Week Of Actions – Jan 13 – 22, 2023

Volodymyr Zelensky and Ethnopolitics

Larry On Hysteria… And Not Only.

ILWU Leaders And Members On Ukraine: Stop The Ukraine War

The Absolute Worst People on Earth: War Profiteers?

Why Biden Refuses To Consider Russia’s Need For Self-Defense

Brittney Griner And The US State

Yemen: End American Complicity

From the NATOstan-Imposed Meat Grinder

Xi of Arabia and the Petroyuan Drive

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-229

A Travelogue of Felix Arabia, late Autumn 2022

In (Serbian) Vino Veritas in Serbian Kosovo and Metohija

Do the Europeans deserve what is coming to them next?

The War Moves Forward as Outlined by the RAND Corporation on Behalf of the Pentagon. “NATO is Not Part to the Conflict”

Is the Pope a Catholic, or Just Another NATO Stooge?

Ukraine SitRep – More Missiles, Attack Plans, Artillery Hits Morale

News From the NATOstan-Imposed Meat Grinder

Xi of Arabia and the petroyuan drive

Watch: LIVE: Russia’s Looming Winter Offensive | The Duran on Ukraine’s Economic Crisis

Ukraine News Links 15-16 December 2022

Daily Chronicles

Pentagon Admits They Can’t Account For HALF Their Assets Amid Latest Audit Failure 

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