A New Year’s Message

23 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

Wow, what a year eh! 2023 promises to be a watershed year for the planet and for all kinds of reasons. I think it may well be the year that decides whether our species has a future or not. Will the Evil Empire triumph or will it take us all down with its demise?

Meanwhile, I’m reducing my work here, largely because I have to complete a novel I started some years ago and after rereading it recently and having a friend (and a professional) read and critique it I’ve decided  that’s well worth completing and hopefully, get it published in 2023. It needs some work, not a lot of work but I need to clear the deck so-to-speak, to complete it without the pressure of maintaining The New Dark Age. Maintaining this site to my own satisfaction, actually takes several hours of work a day and to think I started doing something very similar when I launched New York On-Line when I lived in Brooklyn, NY in 1983, that’s a long time, 40 years!

So here’s to a just and healthy 2023

¡A luta continua!


3 thoughts on “A New Year’s Message

  1. zrpradyer says:

    Just a very quick but sincere thank you for all your insightful posts – much appreciated.
    I would also like to wish you every success and much joy in completing your novel.
    May the Christmas and New Year strengthen our resolve, and may we remember that the best revenge is to be happy.
    Kindest regards,

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