Ukrane News Links 23-24 December 2022

Saturday, 24 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

Ten surprisingly good things that happened in 2022

Christmas Jottings from North Queensland

Why Time Isn’t Ripe For Ukraine Talks

No Peace in Our Time

The Claim That the Ukraine War Advances U.S. Interests Discredits the Claim That It’s ‘Unprovoked’

Bakhmut has turned into Ukrainian bloodbath (Col. Macgregor)

A New Brutal Purge Upon the Serbs in the Making, Orchestrated by NATOstan

Let the Patriot Games Begin

Merry Christmas, Mr. Messi, and Salaams to the People of Gaza

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-234

A German-China-Russia triangle on Ukraine

A German-China-Russia triangle on Ukraine

Ukraine News Links 22-23 December2022

American Weapons Manufacturers Profit from Making Ukrainian Conflict Perpetual

Zelensky Comes to Hollywood, Er, Washington

FIFA Needs to Act to Kick Out Apartheid

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Ukraine War Will Only End If Putin Is ‘Taken Out’

Beware of Long Wars: Ukrainian Attacks on Russia Are Dangerously EscalatoryBeware of Long Wars:

German Press Fomented Anti-Russian Mentality When Covering Special Operation in Ukraine

The US love for Ukraine or Hate against Russia?

Gaining Power in the Struggle for a Better World, with Vijay Prashad 

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