Ukraine News Links 24-27 December 2022

Tuesday, 27 December 2022 19:00 — The New Dark Age

About Energy, Again.

After a Fawning Netflix Doc, AOC Still Doesn’t Get It!

Antiwar Activist Faces Repression In Germany

In Ukraine, It’s Patriot vs. Iskander For Now

Fighting the ‘Psyopcracy’

The Democrats Are Now the War Party

The High Cost of Blowing Up the World: Ukraine and the 2023 NDAA

Lavrov: interview with TASS

The January 2023 issue of ColdType is now online

Lavrov speaks to Russian Media

Tentative forecast: Ukraine SMO

Lavrov: US seeking to make conflict in Ukraine even more violent

In Ukraine, It’s Patriot vs. Iskander For Now

America’s 2022 Allocations To Ukraine Total $112 Billion

The Democrats Are Now The War Party

Think Africa, think!

NATO Nuclear Compass Rendered Unavailing

What are the goals of the Ukrainian-US project “Turan”?

A Day in the War for Reality

Hero Worship Of Zelensky In Washington

Merry Christmas, Again And Why…

Tentative forecast: Ukraine SMO

Hollywood and Its Useful Idiots: Propaganda for the War in Ukraine, Big Pharma, and Every Other Globalist Agenda

Ukraine’s War with Russia Has Nothing to Do with Freedom

The Ukraine Arms Drain

Feverishly Racing Toward Our Own Destruction…

Zelensky’s Diaspora Delegation Led by Economic Hit-Woman Who Led Plunder of Ukraine

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-235

Daily Chronicles

Medvedev: The results of 2022 changed World Order

Unraveling the Mystery of Alleged Putin’s Monies

Ukraine war tolls death knell for NATO

The US love for Ukraine or Hate against Russia?

Ukraine war tolls death knell for NATO

A Discussion: ¿A dónde vas? or Quo Vadis?

Urbi et Orbi

Ukrane News Links 23-24 December 2022 

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