The January 2023 issue of ColdType is now online

Tuesday, 27 December 2022 — ColdType

WELCOME to the first of another year of informative and compelling issues of ColdType. Our cover story this month is a six-page photo essay by London street photographer Duncan Cumming featuring eye-catching graffiti relating to Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Other top stories include long reads from William J. Astore on the nuclear war build-up the United States, Andy Kroll on his foray into the darkest corners of the Internet, Joe Allen on the ‘evolution’ of humanity since the earliest days of computer games, and David Cromwell on the media’s sudden about-face on the extradition of whistleblower Julian Assange from Britain to the US.

We also have John Clarke on assisted dying, Mark Curtis on the UK and Libyan oil, Vijay Prashad on the demise of the petrodollar; and shorter pieces by Binoy Kampmark, Sam Pizzigati, Joe Lauria and Philip Kraske. Plus cartoons by Mark Hurwitt and Greg Koendeman,
an essay on Big Tobacco, and a review of two new books on Bob Dylan. Enjoy . . . !


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