Black Agenda Report January 4, 2023

Wednesday, 4 January 2023 — Black Agenda Report

White Lives Matter More in Ukraine
Margaret Kimberley
The open white supremacy and racism exhibited in Ukraine are conveniently swept under the rug. Nazis are bad, unless they serve the interests of the U.S. state.

DECLARATION: The Commander in Chief, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, to the People of Hayti, Gonaives, January 1, 1804
Editors, The Black Agenda Review
A round-up of The Black Agenda Review’s posts from 2022 – and a reprint of Haiti’s January 1, 1804 declaration of independence.

If You Wouldn’t Ask Hannibal Lecter to Stop Mass Atrocities, Don’t Ask “the International Community”
Ann Garrison
The hope that the U.S. will intervene anywhere in the world for humanitarian reasons is misguided in the extreme. Claims of concern are always a ruse hiding ulterior motives. Imperialist actions are antithetical to human needs.

In 2022 the U.S.-Led Unipolar Order Was More Unstable Than Ever
Danny Haiphong
Every U.S. action intended to increase its power actually results in it being diminished. Multipolarity is here to stay.

Raymond Nat Turner
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

BAR Book Forum: Interview with Adam Bledsoe
Roberto Sirvent
This week’s featured scholar is Adam Bledsoe. Bledsoe is Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota. His article “Neither Ground on Which to Stand, nor Self to Defend: The Structural Denial (and Radical Histories) of Black Self-Defense.”

Abolitionist Teaching: An Interview with Sarah Abdelaziz
Roberto Sirvent, Sarah Abdelaziz
“Abolition” is the word of the moment. But what does it mean? How should it be taught? Robert Sirvent and Sarah Abdelaziz discuss.

The Hopeful Legacy of Roberto Clemente
Gus Griffin
Roberto Clemente was one of the all-time great baseball players and one of the best in a long line of Afro-Latinos. He also acted in solidarity with people around the world, which ironically led to his untimely death.

Israel Got the Middle Finger at the World Cup
Nizar K. Visram
The U.S. brokered Abraham Accords normalized relations between Israel and some Persian Gul Arab regimes. But Israel discovered at the recent World Cup that the Arab masses are still in solidarity with Palestine.

We Condemn the Raid on the Headquarters of the Haitian-Dominican Women’s Movement
Socialist Movement of Workers of the Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic continues to abuse its Haitian descended population. The Haitian-Dominican Women’s Movement (MUDHA) was recently raided by government agents.

Why One Organization Dubbed the U.S.-Africa Summit the ‘Meeting of Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam’
Julie Varughese
The U.S. Africa Leaders Summit held in Washington in December demonstrated the depth of U.S. disregard for African nations. The photo opportunity extravaganza proved only that the U.S. commitment to imperialist hegemony is alive and well.

The Imperialist Aggressiveness and the Birth of the West African Peoples Organization (WAPO)
West African Peoples Organization
Anti-imperialist unity has long been sought by African people but has been thwarted by outside forces. The people still struggle to reach this goal, and the West African Peoples Organization is the latest formation in this effort.

Africa in Review 2022: Regional Dynamics and Continental Security
Abayomi Azikiwe
The first in a three-part series analyzing African politics in 2022.

Film Review: Netflix’s ‘Descendant’ Shows Capitalism Continues to Oppress African Descendants
Jacqueline Luqman
The trans-Atlantice slave trade did not end with the 1808 ban. The Clotilda arrived in 1860 and the descendants of those enslaved people are impacted by that history, as are all African people in the U.S.

U.S. Spreads Misery Across the Globe Imposing Sanctions on a Third of Humanity
Jeremy Kuzmarov
The U.S. imposes unilateral coercive measures, sanctions, against millions of people around the world. Sanctions are war by other means, creating as much damage as bombs and bullets do.
A Racial Disparity Across New York That is Truly Jarring
Jesse Barber, Simon McCormack
Black people are disproportionately convicted of felonies across New York State. In Manhattan, a Black person is 21 times more likely to be convicted of a crime than a white person.

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