Ukraine News Links 16-21 January 2023

Saturday, 21 January 2023 — The New Dark Age

A Hard-Edged Rock: Waging Economic Warfare on Humanity

When Putin Finally Gave Up On The West

Please, Get Them Back To The 6th Grade.

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Breaking the ‘colour bar’: Len Johnson & Pearl Prescod

Friday, 20 January 2023 — Institute of Race Relations

Not only has PC David Carrick pleaded guilty to 49 charges, including 24 counts of rape against 12 women over an 18-year period, but FOI requests have revealed that more than 150 Met police officers are currently on restricted duties and under investigation over allegations of racism and sexual misconduct. Cases of police racism and sexism – and the way they are dealt with – are so often linked, as reflected in this week’s calendar of racism and resistance. (Yet another case involving a racist, antisemitic and misogynistic police WhatsApp group chat is noted.) The criminal justice section of the calendar also focuses on the excessive use of force against black people, highlighting the case of Godrick Osei, who suffered from depression and drug addiction and died in July 2021 after being arrested and restrained in a cupboard during a mental health crisis at a care home in Truro, Cornwall.
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When the People Have Nothing More to Eat, They Will Eat the Rich: The Third Newsletter (2023)

Thursday, 19 January 2023 — The Tricontinental

Maruja Mallo Spain La Verbena 1927Maruja Mallo (Spain), La Verbena (‘The Fair’), 1927.

Dear friends,

Greetings from the desk of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

On 8 January, large crowds of people dressed in colours of the Brazilian flag descended on the country’s capital, Brasília. They invaded federal buildings, including the Congress, Supreme Court, and presidential palace, and vandalised public property. The attack, carried out by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro, came as no surprise, since the rioters had been planning ‘weekend demonstrations’ on social media for days. When Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (known as Lula) was formally sworn in as Brazil’s new president one week prior, on 1 January, there was no such melee; it appears that the vandals were waiting until the city was quiet and Lula was out of town. For all its bluster, the attack was an act of extreme cowardice.

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How Elon Musk Is Aiding the US Empire’s Regime Change Operation in Iran

Thursday, 19 January 2023 — MintPress News

Elon Musk has announced that he is helping to smuggle hundreds of Starlink satellite communications devices into Iran. The South African-born billionaire made the admission on December 26, replying to a tweet lauding female Iranian protesters for refusing to cover their hair. “Approaching 100 Starlinks active in Iran”, he tweeted, clearly implying a political motivation to his work.

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Ukraine News Links 14-15 January 2023

Sunday, 15 January 2023 — The New Dark Age

Star Dust for Capitalism’s Money-Making Geoengineering!

What IS “Ukraine Model”?

Russian News-media are More Honest than U.S.-and-Allied Media

What It Means for Hunger to Burn Through the Pentagon’s Ranks

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