Black Agenda Report January 11, 2023

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 — Black Agenda Report

The Vote for House Speaker Obscured Democratic Treachery Margaret Kimberley House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s need for 15 rounds of voting from his party is viewed with alarm or humor. But the right wing proved that activists win if they make demands. Democrats have no members brave enough to confront leadership, and the people’s needs go unmet.

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Why the CIA attempted a ‘Maidan uprising’ in Brazil

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 — Vineyard of the Saker

by Pepe Escobar, first published at The Cradle

The failed coup in Brazil is the latest CIA stunt, just as the country is forging stronger ties with the east.

A former US intelligence official has confirmed that the shambolic Maidan remix staged in Brasilia on 8 January was a CIA operation, and linked it to the recent attempts at color revolution in Iran.

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Grandson of Charles de Gaulle, an Old CIA Nemesis, Condemns West’s Policy in Ukraine

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 — CoverAction Magazine

By Jeremy Kuzmarov
Pierre de Gaulle [Source:]

Says the U.S. and NATO triggered the conflict and are making Europeans suffer

Pierre de Gaulle, a grandson of former French President Charles de Gaulle, has said the U.S. is making Europeans suffer by fueling the Ukraine conflict and waging a pre-planned economic war against Russia.

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