Ukraine News Links 9-10 January 2023

Tuesday, 10 January 2023 — The New Dark Age

Information Warfare 101, or “My evening with a Ukrainian propaganda/agitation unit”

Europe And The Legitimization Of Deception

Patrushev Framed The Narrative…

The World Order Already Changed In 2022

Now It Is Turning Into…

On developments in the IPR over the past year and Russia’s place there

The overwhelming scope of the evils that come from capital accumulation’s violent mechanisms

White Lives Matter More In Ukraine

US Climbs Escalation Ladder In Ukraine

The American Model Of Political Race

Why BRI Is Back With a Bang in 2023

Russia-Ukraine war: How the US paved the way to Moscow’s invasion

The Americans Started the US War with Russia

The Ukraine loses Soledar and Artemovsk

Ukraine And Russia Agree – Russia Is Fighting NATO

Zelensky has achieved unique results in the destruction of Ukraine

Nikolai Patrushev: Interview – the West and Ukraine

Andrei Martyanov with Russia as a cat

The Ukrainian crisis and Europe – the opinion of experts

The world order already changed in 2022, by Thierry Meyssan

Ukraine Carrying Out NATO’s Mission

The overwhelming scope of the evils that come from capital accumulation’s violent mechanisms

Old News in a New Year

Elon Musk’s Twitter Is Still U.S. State-Affiliated Media

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-09

Tanks for the Memories!.. German and NATO Tanks to Roll in Ukraine

U.S. Strategic Aim: Break and Dismember Russia; Or Maintain U.S. Dollar Hegemony? Or a Muddled ‘Both’?

On Giuseppe Trani and the ‘Human Condition’: Positive Vibes for 2023

Report: New US House Speaker Promises to Limit Ukraine Aid

White Lives Matter More in Ukraine

Biden’s existential angst in Ukraine

Ukraine News Links 7-9 January 2023 

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