Ukraine News Links 13-14 January 2023

Saturday, 14 January 2023 — The New Dark Age

About T-90M, Again.

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-13

Ukraine’s & Russia’s Defense Ministers Agree (But NATO
Disagrees): War in Ukraine is Between NATO & Russia, NOT Ukraine
& Russia

Sweden Hustled Into Military Pact With US

2023 presidential election: Turkey’s fate in the hands of its citizens

How the crisis this war is causing will end with most Americans coming to support Russia

Joining The War Club: Australia’s HIMARS Purchase

The Winds of the New Cold War Are Howling in the Arctic Circle

Highly Recommended: Emmanuel Todd

NATO’s Ominous Tank Orders for Ukraine… The Historic Spots of a Leopard

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-12

‘We Are Facing the Entire NATO in Ukraine’: Kremlin Says, As UK Mulls Battle Tanks

Ukraine and Russia Defense Ministers Agree: The War in Ukraine Is Between NATO and Russia

The 2023 War – ‘Setting the Theatre’

How the crisis this war is causing will end with most Americans coming to support Russia

The pandemic & the war accelerated class conflict. The climate crisis will do so a hundredfold.

Ukraine News Links 10-12 January 2023

Gerald Horne: promoting British empire apologia to divert radicals into the Democratic Party

NORTH KOREA AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER w/ Nodutdol | The Duran REACTS to Ukraine’s Soledar Defeat

The Ukraine loses Soledar and Artemovsk

‘It Takes People Working Together to Bridge Understandings and Undo Misunderstandings’ – Best of CounterSpin 2021 transcript

Hollywood and it’s Useful Idiots: Propaganda for the War in Ukraine, Big Pharma, and Every Other Globalist Agenda nor maggots can consume
— your capital. The less you are, the less you give
expression to your life, the more you have, the greater is
your alienated life … So all passions and all activity are
submerged in greed – Karl Marx, Notebooks, 1844

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