Video: Dario Fo su Berlusconi (d'annata ma tragicamente attuale)

13 May 2013 — Youtube

More Dario Fo! Title roughly translated to English: ‘Vintage Berslusconi but unfortunately still current’.

Prologue of a (famous Italian NOBEL award-winning) Dario Fo’s show aired in late 90′, where he jokes about Silvio Berlusconi (“Psiconano” ITA – “Psycodwarf” ENU).

Veronica Lario (Berlusconi’s wife) is amongst spectators. Greetings from non-Italian viewers are appreciated.

(I subtitled for non-Italian viewers. If my English grammar is incorrect… i beg your pardon.)

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I believe I Saw Muammar Gadaffi On My Way To the Colosseum By Gaither Stewart

4 April 2011 — Greanville Post

The sting of satire can often underscore certain truths that straight prose rarely manages to touch.

Silvio Berlusconi. Until yesterday a loyal pal of Gaddafi's. Today, one of his executioners.

(Roma) A cold wind was blowing down Mussolini’s showpiece avenue. The Via dei Fori Imperiali is the site of victory parades. The victory over the duplicitous Ethiopians. The victory over the ambitious Libyans of East and West. The victory over the ferocious Albanians. It was about 3 p.m. Rain was in the air. The Roman Forum alongside the great avenue was relatively empty this last day of March. As each time I pass I stopped to observe the tourists looking at the ancient Roman ruins of numerous basilicas and arches and statues extending from the Campidoglio to the Colosseum.

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Silvio Berlusconi Underneath the Arches of Rubygate By Gaither Stewart

20 February, 2011 — Greanville Post

Not too improbably, what may have kept Berlusconi afloat is that he’s “all too human” in the eyes of many Italians. His penchant for nubile girls is certainly proof of that.

berlusconi.jpg(Rome). Rubygate it’s called. The final act of the Berlusconi saga. Over fifteen years of comedy for the outside world. A comedy played out against a background of non-government and misery for many Italians. For years now, each new scandal, each new act of corruption, is identified with the suffix “gate”. Deriving from the original Watergate, even though the latter was not actually a “gate” as used today to pinpoint scandalous behavior and the resultant cover-up. During these last stages of the Berlusconi era there has been Noemi Gate, named for another of Sultan Silvio’s teenage favorites. Then, the Bunga Bunga Gate, in reference to the sex games and “orgies” in the Sultan’s luxurious private residences in Milan and Rome. In Italy, in Commedia dell’Arte fashion, the gate suffix means scandal, speculation and gossip.

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One nation under the sleaze By William Bowles

9 March 2006

The story below (L’affaire Berlusconi) was originally sent only to subscribers of the InI Newsletter (see what you’re missing by not subscribing!) but as the media and the government have done such a good job of burying the offending filth that is the Labour government and its corrupt members, I thought I should make it more generally available as well as expanding on it somewhat.

If there has been one single ‘achievement’ of postwar politics in the UK (and more generally in the so-called Western democracies), it has been the destruction of political participation by what used to be called the masses. So for example, the Labour Party has shed perhaps a quarter of a million members since coming to power in 1997.

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