MI6 Scrambling To Stop Trump From Releasing Classified Docs In Russia Probe By Tyler Durden

27 November 2018 — ZeroHedge

The UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, otherwise known as MI6, has been scrambling to prevent President Trump from publishing classified materials linked to the Russian election meddling investigation, according to The Telegraph, stating that any disclosure would “undermine intelligence gathering if he releases pages of an FBI application to wiretap one of his former campaign advisers.”

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UK Begged Trump not To Declassify Russia Docs; Cited ‘Grave Concerns’ Over Steele Involvement By Tyler DURDEN

23 September 2018 — ZeroHedge

The British government “expressed grave concerns” to the US government over the declassification and release of material related to the Trump-Russia investigation, according to the New York Times. President Trump ordered a wide swath of materials “immediately” declassified “without redaction” on Monday, only to change his mind later in the week by allowing the DOJ Inspector General to review the materials first.

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