UK: The People versus The Big 6 #endtheenergyfix

17 February 2012Big Six Share

bigfix-six.jpgYesterday EDF, one of the big six energy firms, announced a yearly profit of £2.5 Billion. This vindicates our claim that the big six are making excessive profit. While many freeze, a few profit. It’s now time they paid a levy to redress this balance. In response to these obscene profits we need your help to demonstrate mass public support for our campaign. We need to raise £1000 to pay for public opinion polling – will you help by donating just £10?

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30 April 2003

Goodbye NATO – Hello EDF?
A European Defence Force is something Tony calls ‘unhelpful’. Unhelpful to who? In any case, as the US realigns its global military ‘posture’, it’s clear that a large US military presence in Western Europe is no longer necessary. And in any case, there’s all those ‘newly freed’ Eastern European countries dying to become satellites of the US,

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