Blatant Violation, by U.S. & Its Allies, Against the U.N. Charter By Eric Zuesse

4 May 2019 — The New Dark Age

America’s and its allies’ violation of the U.N. Charter, in regards to their recent actions to force a regime-change upon the sovereign nation of Venezuela, are baldly, and with unambiguous clarity, in violation of one of the seven founding “Principles” that are stated in the U.N. Charter.

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Israeli Military Assault on Gaza – “Operation Pillar of Defence” – Not “defence” but murder of unarmed civilians By Mairead Maguire

17 November 2012 — Global Research


It is with the greatest sadness, mixed with frustration, and a sense of helplessness, that many people around the world, myself included, watched on television the horrific scenes of death and destruction perpetrated, yet again, by the latest Israeli military assault on Gaza and its besieged, mostly young population.

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The British Siege of the Ecuadorian Embassy: Déjà Vu: Anglo-American disregard for International Law by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

23 August, 2012 — Global Research – Strategic Culture Foundation – 2012-08-22

When Iranian student activists occupied the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 as a result of the Iranian Revolution, the US and Britain condemned the Iranian provisional government of Prime Minister Bazargan even though it was not responsible. The US, UK, and their allies ranted and raved about the sanctity of foreign diplomatic missions, calling the activists “terrorists” and “anarchists.” Continue reading

Moshe Machover: Colonizers’ Hutzpah

3 June, 2010 — Israeli Occupation ArchiveMRZine

I am grateful to MRZine for inviting me to comment on ‘Israel in the current conjuncture, in the wake of the attack on the Freedom Flotilla and international reaction to it’. But in truth I have very little to add to the excellent comments and analyses that have been presented in various left-wing publications, both in print and online.


Moshe Machover

Perhaps I can just make an observation regarding the significance of Israel’s brazen attempt to depict its latest aggression against a humanitarian mission as ‘self-defence’, and the murder of peace activists by its commandos as a legitimate response to the ‘lynching’ of these heavily armed innocents who were set upon by a ‘mob of terrorists’.

This astounding piece of hutzpah is actually quite instructive, inasmuch as it typifies and constitutes a reductio ad absurdum of the age-old method of hasbarah, the propaganda machine of the Zionist project and its Israeli settler state.

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The Real News Network – Attack on Syria cover up

21 October, 2009 — The Real News Network

Erlich: The US massacre at Al-Sukkariya, Syria in 2008 was a clear violation of international law

Drones and international law

Reese Erlich is a best-selling book author and freelance journalist who writes regularly for the Dallas Morning News, Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Radio and National Public Radio. He has won numerous journalism awards, including the prestigious Peabody (shared with others).

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