Former Bolivian President Evo Morales Calls For a Global Campaign to Eliminate NATO

Saturday, 30 July 2022 — CovertAction Magazine – Declassified UK

By Jeremy Kuzmarov

Evo Morales [Source:]

In interview with a British journalist, Morales says the U.S. uses NATO to provoke wars and sell weapons. U.S./UK-backed coup against him in 2019 was undertaken for lithium and because his government advanced an alternative economic model to the neoliberal “Washington Consensus”

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Lithium, Batteries and Climate Change

11 February 2021 — Origin: Climate & Capitalism

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The transition to green energy does not have to be powered by destructive and poisonous mineral extraction.

Lithium mine in Bolivia

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by Jonathan Neale

I have spent the last year working on a book called Fight the Fire: Green New Deals and Global Climate Jobs. Most of it is about both the politics and the engineering of any possible transition that can avert catastrophic climate breakdown. One thing I had to think about long and hard was lithium and car batteries.

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‘We will coup whoever we want’: Elon Musk and the overthrow of democracy in Bolivia

28 July 2020 — MRonline
Liline sur - Flickr

This article was produced by Globetrotter, a project of the Independent Media Institute.

On July 24, 2020, Tesla’s Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that a second U.S. “government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people.” Someone responded to Musk soon after, “You know what wasn’t in the best interest of people? The U.S. government organizing a coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia so you could obtain the lithium there.” Musk then wrote:

“We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it”

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China, USA and the Geopolitics of Lithium

18 November 2019 — New Eastern Outlook

F. William Engdahl

For several years since the global push to develop mass-scale Electric Vehicles, the element Lithium has come into focus as a strategic metal. Demand is enormous in China, in the EU and in the USA at present, and securing control over lithium supplies is already developing its own geopolitics not unlike that for the control of oil.

Bolivia’s New Puppet Regime Wastes No Time Aligning With US Foreign Policy

16 November 2019 — Caitlin Johnson

by Caitlin Johnstone

The Washington-recognized interim government which just ascended to power via US-backed military coup in Bolivia is already shifting the nation’s foreign policy into alignment with the US-centralized empire, severing important ties with two governments which have resisted absorption into the imperial blob.

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Coups-for-Green-Energy added to Wars-For-Oil

16 November 2019 — Off Guardian

Kollibri terre Sonnenblume

The US-supported right-wing coup against Bolivian President Evo Morales on November 10th was a serious strike against that nation’s autonomy and its people (especially its indigenous, of whom Morales was one).

Such meddling has defined US foreign policy in Latin America for nearly two centuries, since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823.

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After Morales Ousted in Coup, the Lithium Question Looms Large in Bolivia

15 November 2019 — Counter Currents


Bolivia’s President Evo Morales was overthrown in a military coup on November 10. He is now in Mexico. Before he left office, Morales had been involved in a long project to bring economic and social democracy to his long-exploited country. It is important to recall that Bolivia has suffered a series of coups, often conducted by the military and the oligarchy on behalf of transnational mining companies. Initially, these were tin firms, but tin is no longer the main target in Bolivia. The main target is its massive deposits of lithium, crucial for the electric car.

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Bolivia coup led by Christian fascist paramilitary leader and multi-millionaire – with foreign support

12 November 2019 — Grayzone

Bolivian coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho is a far-right multi-millionaire who arose from fascist movements in the Santa Cruz region, where the US has encouraged separatism. He has courted support from Colombia, Brazil, and the Venezuela coup regime.

By Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton

When Luis Fernando Camacho stormed into Bolivia’s abandoned presidential palace in the hours after President Evo Morales’s sudden November 10 resignation, he revealed to the world a side of the country that stood at stark odds with the plurinational spirit its deposed socialist and Indigenous leader had put forward.

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More American Troops to Afghanistan, To Keep the Chinese Out? Lithium and the Battle for Afghanistan’s Mineral Riches By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

24 August 2017 — Global Research

Trump calls for escalation of the war in Afghanistan. Why? Is it part of the “Global War on Terrorism”, going after the bad guys, or is it something else? 

Unknown to the broader public, Afghanistan has significant oil, natural gas and strategic raw material resources, not to mention opium, a multibillion dollar industry which feeds America’s illegal heroin market. 

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New on 15 April, 2010

North American Congress on Latin America

A Short Talk With Fernando Henrique Cardoso
by Samantha Eyler Reid
Brazil’s former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso visited Cornell University on April 7 to give a lecture, talk to the press, and receive yet another academic award. The onetime Marxist sociologist, now the political leader of the centrist Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB), and one of the North’s favorite neoliberal statesmen, Cardoso commands boundless respect in the international arena. He frequently airs his views in editorial pages and lecture podiums all over the world, but back in Brazil, Cardoso inspires rather less awe, which could have an impact on Brazil’s upcoming election.

Bolivia’s Lithium Challenge
by Emily Achtenberg
Proclaiming its lithium deposits to be a permanent reserve of the state, the Bolivian government last month authorized a new state company to undertake “the full chain of lithium production,” including “exploration, development, industrialization, and marketing.” At issue is the future of Bolivia’s vast Uyuni salt flats, the world’s largest untapped lithium reserve, holding at least 5.4 million tons—almost half the world’s known supply. Also at stake is a potentially significant source of wealth and an alternative development model that, if successful, could bring substantial benefits to Bolivia’s impoverished population.

COHA: Bolivia’s Evo Morales’ European Tour 2009: Russia Flies the Flag Over Latin America and Everyone’s A Winner… Mostly

  • Moscow is increasing its presence in South America, the latest being its development and military agreements with Bolivia
  • Russian military helicopters to be used by Bolivian security forces for drug operations, sending a message to Washington that DEA aid is not needed in the Andes
  • Bolivia becomes the equivalent of Saudi Arabia when it comes to the lithium market, but will it help abate the former’s high poverty rating?
  • Bolivian leader Evo Morales seeking recognition as an autonomous figure and not a Chavez clone
  • Obama administration bestowing priority to Middle East and Asia; conversely Russia, France, Iran and China, among others, rule the roast in the Americas
  • The 5th Summit of the Americas to be held in April in Trinidad and Tobago will be the first meeting between Obama and all of the region’s leaders. Nevertheless, two months is a long time in politics and Washington continues to watch its influence drain in what increasingly must be viewed as its former ‘backyard’

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