The British Cabal Behind a Gulf Dictatorship

23 April 2021 — Consortium News

Senior figures in the British establishment have secretly served as “privy councillors” to a highly repressive dictatorship in the Gulf state of Oman, Phil Miller reports.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman. (CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons)

By Phil Miller
Declassified U.K.

The repressive ruler of a close U.K. ally in the Gulf secretly received decades of advice on security, foreign and economic policy from a group of privy councillors who were drawn almost exclusively from the British establishment, it has emerged.

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Britain and Oman: Will their growing special relationship survive succession? By Mark Curtis

19 June 2019 — Mark Curtis

Published in Middle East Eye, 17 June 2019

Sixty years ago, Britain won a long-forgotten war in Oman, setting the special relationship between the two countries that is still being boosted today.

The anniversary falls as the head of the British army recently visited Oman, and as the two countries signed a “Comprehensive Joint Declaration on Enduring Friendship” and a new Joint Defence Agreement. Last year, the two cooperated on the UK’s largest military exercise in the Middle East in 20 years.

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NATO’s Worldwide Expansion in the Post-Cold World Era By Rick Rozoff

27 April 2013 — Global Research

One of the most significant developments of the post-Cold War era, and certainly the most ominous, is the transformation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a military bloc created by the United States during the genesis of the Cold War in 1949, into one that has grown to encompass the entirety of Europe, has expanded military partnerships throughout the world and has waged war on three continents.

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US arms sales nearly triple in 2011, researchers say

By Staff Writers Washington (AFP) Aug 27, 2012

US arms transfers to other countries nearly tripled last year to $66.3 billion, giving America a market share of nearly 80 percent, government researchers said Monday. The Congressional Research Service said the US figure for 2011 was the largest for a single year in the history of the arms export program. While huge, the number may be something of a one off, as it includes a huge one-off deal with Saudi Arabia to the tune of $29.4 billion. This features 84 F-15 fighter bombers, upgrades to its existing fleet of 70 such aircraft and the sale of 178 helicopters.

Despite a sluggish world economy, global arms sales nearly doubled in 2011 to $85.3 billion, the report said. After the United States came Russia, with $4.8 billion in transfers, and then France, with $4.4 billion. Besides Saudi Arabia, major US clients included the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Oman, India and Thailand, the report added.

Oman Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 8 March 2011

8 March 2011 —

Protests to continue in Oman –
US Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is greeted by Omani Sultan Qaboos at the Bait Al Baraka Palace in Muscat, Oman, December 5, 2010. UPI/Jerry Morrison/DOD MUSCAT, Oman, March 8 (UPI) — Protesters in Oman said they plan to continue their peaceful …

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Oman Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 1 March 2011

1 March 2011 —

US Urges Oman to Show Restraint in Response to Rare Protests
Voice of America
The United States is urging Gulf ally Oman to show “restraint” and engage in dialogue in response to several days of anti-government protests that have turned violent and deadly. US State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said Monday Washington “regrets” …

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Oman Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 28 February, 2011

28 February, 2011 —

Protests in Oman Spread
New York Times
By NADA BAKRI BEIRUT, Lebanon — Demonstrators blocked roads and clashed with police on Monday in Oman, the normally quiet oil-rich country along the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, as three-day old protests calling for political reforms …

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Oman Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 27 February, 2011

27 February, 2011 —

OMAN: Ruler reshuffles Cabinet, announces reforms as deadly protests rock …
Los Angeles Times
Oman’s longtime ruler, Sultan Kaboos ibn Said, reshuffled his Cabinet over the weekend, changing six ministers, and ordered some social reforms amid rare deadly protests and growing unrest in the small Persian Gulf nation. The decree, published on the …

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