Video Preview: #stopmurdoch Sky Takeover

30 November 2017 — CPBF

The #stopmurdoch video is being crowdfunded and this is a preview and an opportunity to fund it.

The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

One of CPBF’s aims is to:

‘To challenge the myth that press freedom is best served by current forms of ownership and control, and by ‘self-regulation’ on the part of the Press Complaints Commission.’ For more see Continue reading

Pie in the Sky?

16 March 2017 — 38 Degrees

This is huge. You – along with thousands of other people – have helped throw a major spanner into Rupert Murdoch’s plans to take full control of Sky. Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary, just announced an investigation into the takeover. [1]

This means that instead of getting waved through, Murdoch’s plan faces a fresh obstacle. Ofcom, the media watchdog, now has to look into Murdoch’s dodgy media empire. Spoiler alert: Rupert Murdoch probably won’t like what they say. [2]

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