UK: Turkish and Kurdish Labourers and Traders Must Refuse to Be Pitted Against the Black People

14 August 2011 — MRZine

To the attention of the Press and the Public:
As it is known, last Saturday a protest took place outside Tottenham police station in order to attain answers or explanations as to how and why Mark Duggan, a father of four, was killed by the police on Thursday 4th August.  The events were unleashed as a result of the police physically attacking a 16 year old girl who on behalf of the protestors, all of whom had demanded justice, entered the police station, after waiting for around 4-5 hours outside of the station, to acquire an explanation regarding the killing.

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UK: Feral Capitalism Hits The Streets By David Harvey

12 August 2011 — The Bullet • Socialist Project E-Bulletin No. 535

“Nihilistic and feral teenagers” the Daily Mail called them: the crazy youths from all walks of life who raced around the streets mindlessly and desperately hurling bricks, stones and bottles at the cops while looting here and setting bonfires there, leading the authorities on a merry chase of catch-as-catch-can as they tweeted their way from one strategic target to another.

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