Bradley Manning Newslinks 29 July 2011

29 July 2011 —

Feds Defend Seizure of WikiLeaks Supporter’s Laptop
Wired News (blog)
By Kevin Poulsen The Justice Department on Thursday fired back against a lawsuit filed by a WikiLeaks supporter and friend of accused leaker Bradley Manning over the warrantless seizure of his laptop, arguing that they held onto the machine for a …

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Bradley Manning Daily News Roundup 2 January, 2011

2 January, 2011 —

Reasons why Bradley Manning’s alleged Crimes are Serious and deserve Harsh …
By Steven Leser First, a disclaimer, Private First Class Bradley Manning is presumed innocent until proven guilty. …

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Adrian Lamo government informer Daily News Roundup 1 January, 2011

1 January, 2011 —

Atif Kamal’s Blog: Top Ten Hackers
By Owner
It’s true that companies sometimes hire hackers to test their systems for
weaknesses, but no one ever hired Adrian Lamo.In 2002 and 2003, Lamo broke
into several high-profile targets, just for kicks. He then told the targets
what he had …

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Adrian Lamo government informant Daily News Roundup 30 December, 2010

30 December, 2010 –

Tracking Lamo “ KADAITCHA
By Jinjirrie
That’s kind of a big deal, because the published portions of the logs do not support or back up the statements Adrian Lamo seems to have been making. And that would mean that his claims are based solely on opinion, not based on evidence …

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Bradley Manning Daily News Roundup 30 December, 2010

30 December, 2010 — isn’t publishing more from Manning-Lamo chats
Yahoo! Tech (blog)
By Michael Calderone By Michael Calderone michael Calderone – Wed Dec 29,
4:33 pm ET broke big news in June: Army specialist Bradley Manning had …

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Bradley Manning Daily News Roundup 28 December, 2010

28 December, 2010 —

Glenn Greenwald Trashes Wired For Withholding Bradley Manning Transcripts
… Poulsen for withholding lengthy transcripts of a conversation between
WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning and the man who turned Manning in: Adrian
Lamo. …

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The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired By Glenn Greenwald

27 December, 2010 –


Kevin Poulsen and Bradley Manning

(updated below)

For more than six months, Wired‘s Senior Editor Kevin Poulsen has possessed — but refuses to publish — the key evidence in one of the year’s most significant political stories:  the arrest of U.S. Army PFC Bradley Manning for allegedly acting as WikiLeaks’ source. In late May, Adrian Lamo — at the same time he was working with the FBI as a government informant against Manning — gave Poulsen what he purported to be the full chat logs between Manning and Lamo in which the Army Private allegedly confessed to having been the source for the various cables, documents and video that WikiLeaks released throughout this year. In interviews with me in June, both Poulsen and Lamo confirmed that Lamo placed no substantive restrictions on Poulsen with regard to the chat logs:  Wired was and remains free to publish the logs in their entirety.

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