When thieves fall out By William Bowles

20 October 2015

  • Ted Kennedy: “Bush’s War Mindless, Needless, Senseless, and Reckless”
  • Madeleine Albright: Bush’s Foreign Policy “Not Good For the World”
  • Henry Waxman: Iraq Policy “Grounded in Secrecy, Deceit, and Politics”
  • Senator Robert Byrd: “The Emperor has no clothes”
  • Lack of Pentagon Support Threatens Bush’s Iraq Plans
  • State Dept Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq

Who would have credited such headlines even a couple of months ago? On the surface it would appear that there’s been a ‘sea change’ in US politics, but do the headlines really tell us the truth about what’s happening within the US power elite?

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Amateurs at Empire By William Bowles

17 October 2003

It could be argued that the US emperium has bitten off more than it can chew but it’s even worse than that. They are rank amateurs at empire-building who are now faced with the insurmountable problem of effectively administering a country they claim to have liberated but which in reality has been occupied but without any of the ‘tools of the trade’ of a coloniser.

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With friends like these… By William Bowles

15 October 2003

‘The attack on the US mission in the occupied territories today (15/10/03) or something similar, may well be our 21st century Sarejevo. Indeed, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that today’s attack was a deliberate provocation by Israel designed to drag the US more directly into the conflict.’

This how I ended my last essay and statements by Bush immediately after the bombing are, to say the least, ominous. Could this be a prelude to a more direct military involvement by the US or at least give the green light to Sharon to finish the job he started in 1982 in Lebanon?

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Information Clearing House Archive October 2003 Part 2

October 2003 — Information Clearing House Archive

[From the Archives. I’ve been archiving ICH digests since 2003. Unfortunately, an unknown number of the links are now dead, so I can’t guarantee that the link will take you where you want to go. WB]

For the Month of October 2003 – Part 2

Turkey marches boldly into Iraq:

By succumbing to US pressure and authorizing the dispatch of troops into Iraq, Turkey has once again proven that money talks.


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Out of Control By William Bowles

13 October 2003

Today’s (13/10/03) editorial in the Independent illustrates just how blind the ‘liberal’ media is to the realities of the situation unfolding before my horrified eyes.

Under the heading “An audit of the war on terror makes depressing reading” it belabours us with the following inane platitudes:

“The deposing of Saddam Hussein has, sadly, had no effect on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, or the absence of one. The North Koreans, and possibly, elements of the Iranian leadership have drawn the lesson from the conflict in Iraq that they must acquire a workable nuclear device as quickly as possible.”

“Meanwhile, the threats of international terrorism that predated the diversion of US foreign policy into the back streets of Baghdad remains little changed.”

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This is how it goes… By William Bowles

11 October 2003

I’m sitting here, minding my own business listening to From our own correspondent on BBC Radio 4 and a report on the state of affairs in Iraq when I’m subtly assaulted with the following complete lie about the state of Iraq following twelve years of crippling sanctions, two invasions and an occupation:

“[W]e can’t be expected to fix the rundown and neglect of 30 years [of Saddam’s dictatorship].”

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180 days of Empire By William Bowles

10 October 2003

“There’s one person who should have stayed away today [Blair]. Someone who was only concerned with leaving his mark on history. Instead, a fine young man died, my son, protecting America’s oil interests.”

The father of a dead British soldier at today’s service at St Paul’s Cathedral to those who died in the invasion of Iraq

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Noticeable by its absence By William Bowles

9 October 2003

Prolog 26 September 2015: Ok, I got this one wrong, really wrong but my excuse is that I’d just returned to the UK after an absence of many decades and didn’t realise just how backward this country really is! Well that’s my excuse. WB

Scanning the newspapers or listening to the BBC these days is like being stranded in the desert when it comes to Iraq – aside that is, from the predictable reports of mayhem, suicide bombers, allegedly carried out by ‘supporters of Saddam’.

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