Big Brother FBI: Data-Mining Programs Resurrect “Total Information Awareness” By Tom Burghardt

8 October, 2009 — Global ResearchAntifascist Calling

Like a vampire rising from it’s grave each night to feed on the privacy rights of Americans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is moving forward with programs that drain the life blood from our constitutional liberties.

From the wholesale use of informants and provocateurs to stifle political dissent, to Wi-Fi hacking and viral computer spyware to follow our every move, the FBI has turned massive data-mining of personal information into a growth industry. In the process they are building the surveillance state long been dreamed of by American securocrats.

A chilling new report by investigative journalist Ryan Singel provides startling details of how the FBI’s National Security Branch Analysis Center (NSAC) is quietly morphing into the Total Information Awareness (TIA) system of convicted Iran-Contra felon, Admiral John M. Poindexter. According to documents obtained by Wired:

A fast-growing FBI data-mining system billed as a tool for hunting terrorists is being used in hacker and domestic criminal investigations, and now contains tens of thousands of records from private corporate databases, including car-rental companies, large hotel chains and at least one national department store. (Ryan Singel, “FBI’s Data-Mining System Sifts Airline, Hotel, Car-Rental Records,” Wired, September 23, 2009)

Among the latest revelations of out-of-control secret state spookery, Wired disclosed that personal details on customers have been provided to the Bureau by the Wyndham Worldwide hotel chain “which includes Ramada Inn, Days Inn, Super 8, Howard Johnson and Hawthorn Suites.” Additional records were obtained from the Avis rental car company and Sears department stores.

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Wikileaks: THE SPY WHO BILLED ME TWICE – From Guantanamo to your doorstep: the intelligence industry’s revolving cash door

29 July, 2009 — Wikileaks

From Guantanamo to your doorstep: the intelligence industry’s revolving cash door

While there has been extensive political debate in the United States on whether Guantanamo Bay’s detainees are safe to move to US soil, what about their interrogators?

A confidential 1525 page file of correspondence released to the public by WikiLeaks provides insights into the privatization of intelligence and policing operations in the United States.

In the file, one intelligence officer, Kia Grapham, hawked by her contractor to state police criminal intelligence, boasts of assisting in over 100 interrogations of “high value human intelligence targets” at Guantanamo Bay. She goes on, saying how she is trained and certified to employ Restricted Interrogation Technique: Separation as specified by FM 2-22.3 Appendix M.

Separation? That’s a euphemism for isolation. FM 2-22.3? That’s Human Intelligence Collector Operations, a “fit for public consumption” manual introduced in September, 2006 and current US military policy. Appendix M, “separation”, contains instructions on how to isolate and interrogate detainees for upto 20 hours each day. Four hours a day sleep is permitted. “Suggested Approach Combinations” it says, are, “Futility. Incentive. Fear Up.”

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David Kay and the CIA By William Bowles

5 October 2003

David Kay“[David] Kay admitted that he made what he called a “Faustian bargain” with the intelligence community” – ‘Hans Blix and David Kay’,[1]

As I suggested in a previous piece (“Bush spells it out“[2]), the Iraq Survey Group’s interim report infers that Saddam pulled a ‘fast one’ on the USUK by ‘conning’ them into thinking Iraq had WMDs whereas in fact they didn’t and that this led to Iraq being invaded.

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