UK: “Police TSG has Violent and Racist ‘form”

10 April 2009

The Territorial Support Group, one of whose member’s –hidden behind a balaclava– was seen attacking an innocent G20 bystander –Ian Tomlinson– who later died, has a violent and racist history. A Medialens commentator writes about the TSG:

TSG Police officers in abuse case accused of 60 other assaults Met reveals four were subject of dozens of allegations by black or Asian men.

  • March 2007: one officer is accused of bundling a man into the back of a police van where he was told to ‘get on his knees’. When he replied this was not Guantánamo Bay he claims the officer grabbed him round the neck and ‘discharged his CS gas while continuing to hold his throat’. He says he was then thrown from the van, leaving him with eye, neck and head injuries. According to the document no action was taken because the complaint was either ‘incapable of proof’ or there was ‘no case to answer’

  • November 2005: two of the officers were accused by a ‘black male’ of attacking him in the back of a police van. The document states that he was subjected to ‘constant kicking to his head and stomach (approx 12 kicks). Head lifted off the floor by grabbing his right ear and lifting head.’ The attack left the man with bruising and swelling to his face but the case was not pursued, the Met said, because of ‘non-cooperation’ by the complainant.

  • October 2005: the document stated that two of the officers were involved in another assault on a ‘black male’. It read: ‘In van repeatedly assaulted – kicks to the face, stamps on his head whilst handcuffed.’ The victim said afterwards he ‘felt like he might die’. Vomiting and blood coming out of his ears, black swollen eye, lip busted, hands very swollen.

  • June 2003: two officers accused of beating a ‘black male’ in the back of the TSG van. ‘The beating continued in the van and in a search room at the station.’ The allegations against the officers came to light after the high court issued a disclosure order on 13 February demanding that the Metropolitan police release all ‘similar fact allegations’ against the officers involved in the Ahmad case. ‘Scotland Yard admit there are concerns about the conduct of the officers. Although the Independent Police Complaints Commission supervised an investigation carried out by the Met, none of the officers has been disciplined for the assault on Ahmad and all but one are still working in the territorial support group’

More balaclavas here in this footage which shows the police being effectively held back by peaceful means:


Police violence in the UK has now become endemic. Police power –as a result of the Anti-Terror laws– has become pronounced and is regularly abused. Britain is being turned into a police state. If politicians don’t act now to rein-in the police then they must be held primarily responsible for creating a police state. Mr Tomlinson’s death illustrates what is only the tip of an iceberg –one of collusion between politicians and the police.

Source: Campaign for a Democratic Europe

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