Western Governments Now Try to Strangle Funding of Independent Media

25 February 2021 — Global Research

After years of working hard to stop the voice of independent media being heard on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, the turn has now come to strangling their funding. The financial company Patreon is the latest to join the establishment drive to marginalize and criminalize all dissenting opinions.

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The Covid Outbreak: “Biggest Health Scam of the 21st Century.” Report by 1500 Health Professionals

25 February 2021 — Global Research

United Health Professionals (UHP) Report

“We are health professionals of the international collective : United Health Professionals, composed of more than 1,500 members (including professors of medicine, intensive care physicians and infectious disease specialists) from different countries of Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania and, on August 26, 2020, we addressed to governments and citizens of countries around the world an alert message regarding the COVID outbreak.

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Censorship Gone Mad – ‘Be A Good Citizen!’

25 February 2021 — Moon of Alabama

Yesterday the censorship department at Twitter went mad.

Twitter Safety blogged:

Disclosing networks of state-linked information operations

Today we are disclosing four networks of accounts to our archive of state-linked information operations; the only archive of its kind in the industry. The networks we are disclosing relate to independent, state-affiliated information operations that we have attributed to Armenia, Russia and a previously disclosed network from Iran.

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When Google decides what news you read

24 February 2021 — USRTK

As tech giants wrestle over content moderation, “their decisions also run the risk of stifling routine reporting,” reports Parker Higgins for Freedom of the Press Foundation. “When content is removed or an algorithm tweaked behind closed doors, news organizations and journalists are often left without any sort of transparency into the process or a clear path to appeals.”

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I Can’t Stand Fox News, But Censoring It Might Be The Dumbest Idea Ever

24 February 2021  — TK News

How will the latest campaign against “misinformation” backfire for the country? Let’s count the ways

By Matt Taibbi

Two and a half years ago, when Alex Jones of Infowars was kicked off a series of tech platforms in a clearly coordinated decision, I knew this was not going to be an isolated thing.

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Post-Pandemic Landscapes: Behaviour Modification as the New Consensus Reality

September-October 2020 — New Dawn

The ‘COVID Event’ handed the unreal world its great coup over the place of the real. This perception intervention gave the final stimulus necessary to tip the twenty-first century into an awaiting technologically manipulated reality. A new landscape is emerging where, for the first time, the human mind is finding itself out-of-place within its own territory. Emerging ‘post-pandemic’ landscapes are likely to be hazardous territory for our mental, emotional and physical states. The human condition is under modification.

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Reuters, BBC, and Bellingcat participated in covert UK Foreign Office-funded programs to “weaken Russia,” leaked docs reveal

20 February, 2021 — The Grayzone

New leaked documents show Reuters’ and the BBC’s involvement in covert UK FCO programs to effect “attitudinal change” and “weaken the Russian state’s influence,” alongside intel contractors and Bellingcat.

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A note to readers about ‘social media’ and going Analogue

22 February 2021 — The New Dark Age

You may have noticed the lack of Twitter and Facebook links in articles published here. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, WordPress have made embedding Twitter cumbersome and time-consuming with their latest ‘improvement’. But more importantly, I’ve decided to boycott so-called social media (I gave up my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts years ago), which means removing links, made all the easier by WordPress’ latest change to the way the editor works.

[C]an we consider that the digital world in general has now reached the point (perhaps long past the point) where it serves the oppressors far more than it serves us? Has our habit of evaluating the benefits of technology in strictly personal terms been trumped by its use by empire for economic, political, social and militarized rule? – David Perez

So I noticed the latest Off Guardian piece is entitled, ‘ Liberation by Unplugging? https://off-guardian.org/2021/02/22/liberation-by-unplugging/ so maybe the idea of going Analogue is spreading?

Opening the CIA’s Can of Worms

13 February 2021 — Edward Curtin

“The CIA and the media are part of the same criminal conspiracy,” wrote Douglas Valentine in his important book, The CIA As Organized Crime

This is true.  The corporate mainstream media are stenographers for the national security state’s ongoing psychological operations aimed at the American people, just as they have done the same for an international audience.

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Statewatch News 12 February 2021 (Issue 03/21)

12 February 2021 — Statewatch

Also available as a PDF)

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Defend Wikileaks: Update on 2016 releases

2 February 2021 — Defend Wikileaks

Since we released this briefing, a number of developments have brought more information into the public record confirming WikiLeaks acted as a journalistic outfit in releasing DNC emails in 2016. We’ve also collated relevant commentary from intelligence officials and fellow journalists.
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RFK, Jr. Responds to Instagram’s Removal of His Account

12 February 2021 — The Defender

RFK, Jr.’s Instagram account was deplatformed Wednesday. Dozens of media outlets reported the censorship, saying the account was removed over “vaccine misinformation,” a characterization Kennedy unequivocally rejected.

Wednesday, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Instagram account was deplatformed without advanced notice. Dozens of media outlets reporting on this censorship asserted the account was removed over “false COVID vaccine claims” or “vaccine misinformation.” Some reports referred to Kennedy as an “anti-vaxxer.”

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