Strategic culture foundation online magazine latest publications from 4 – 10 April, 2010

Dmitriy BAKLIN
Katyn Between the Past and the Future
“Katyn, a village 18 km west of Smolensk, Russia became known across the world as the site of mass execution of Polish officers by Stalin’s secret police in April-May, 1940… Oddly enough, Stalin was the first to publicly and officially apologize to Poland for the massacre… Other leaders of the USSR and post-Soviet Russia later did the same… Vladimir Putin invited Donald Tusk to visit Katyn on April 7, 2010 to attend the commemoration of the 70-th anniversary of the tragedy…”

Sergei LUNEV (Ukraine)
On Ukraine’s History
“The Ukrainian project was a priori anti-Russian… In 1917 the Ukrainian separatists de facto sided with Austria-Hungary in World War II and thus helped the Bolsheviks to seize power in Russia… The Ukrainian separatists continued pinching Poland in the 1920ies-1930ies, this time in the interests of Germany. Separatists from Western Ukraine fought together with Germany against the USSR in World War II, but their activity was centered around raids against the civilian population which Poles, Jews, Russians, and no less Ukrainians would never forgive them for…”

The limits to Sino-Indian understanding
“India and China are both intensely conscious that they face a highly volatile regional environment. The United States has established a military presence in the Central Asian region on a long-term footing. Indeed, the “reset” of US-Russia ties is under way while tensions have appeared in Sino-American relations and, clearly, the talk about a G-2 has been far too premature. In South Asia, too, the US intends to keep a long-term military presence…”

Obama’s Nuclear Surprise
“In essence, the new US nuclear doctrine is an element of the novel US security strategy that would be more adequately described as the strategy of total impunity. The US is boosting its military budget, unleashing NATO as the global gendarme, and planning real-life exercise in Iran to test the efficiency of the Prompt Global Strike initiative in practice. At the same time, Washington is talking about the completely nuclear-free world…”

No alternative to nuclear weapons in Russia so far
“As long as Russia fails to catch up with the leading countries in terms of conventional weapons, it can only focus on nukes. ‘Nuclear umbrella’ is becoming even a more meaningful notion for Russia: as nuclear weapons ensure protection of national interests, they remain the most economic means of defense…”

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