GazaFriends: The Shores of Gaza

26 April, 2010 — Free Gaza Movement

The famous Irish singer, Tommy Sands, wrote the song ‘The Shores of Gaza,” that we are using for our video, “Cementing Our Support for Gaza.” It is fitting that we use his song, since the Free Gaza Movement’s cargo ship will be leaving Ireland in the first part of May on it’s way to the imprisoned people of Gaza.

The Irish have painted her, renamed her the MV Rachel Corrie and have cleaned and outfitted a ship that was once languishing in port, a battered and bruised vessel,

She is the perfect ship to send to the Palestinians in Gaza, a people also battered and bruised by Israel’s brutal blockade, a people who don’t wish for humanitarian aid but want their human and civil rights just like everyone else. They are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves if provided the means. And our ship will be one of eight that is going to Gaza loaded with cement, pre-fab homes, water purification systems, paper, school supplies, and special medical equipment… all of these items forbidden by the Israeli government who occupies them by air, land and sea.

If you can…buy a bag of cement or a bag for books or just donate to keep us afloat. We are halfway to our goal of $100,000 for the fuel and captains, and we have almost half of the money needed for the cement, thanks to all of you.

Listen to the words in Tommy Sands’ song and help us get there.

We are sailing away, with hope in our soul
Sailing to say, “You are not alone.”

Sailing today, “Salam, Shalom,”

For peace on the shores of Gaza.

Greta Berlin

NATO summit: ‘Not rational enough’ By Eric Walberg

26 April, 2010 — Eric Walberg

To NATO’s head berates its foes, as the alliance pursues its own version of rationality, oblivious to world pleas for disarmament or its alarming failure in Afghanistan, says Eric Walberg

Just when there seemed to be a glimmer of real change in US-Russian relations — Russia giving in to the US on START and assuring the continuation of the Kyrgyz US airbase — the logic of US empire reasserts itself with a slap in the Russian face. Even Poland, Russia’s age-old nemesis, is trying to bury the hatchet, after the shocking aircrash near Katyn, a tragic, if farcical, repeat of the WWII massacre on Stalin’s orders.

In another echo of that war — Hitler’s siege of Leningrad — NATO cold-bloodedly chose Tallinn, Estonia, a stone’s throw from St Petersburg, as the venue of its latest deliberations about expanding eastward and how best to convince the world and Russia in particular to comply with its ambitious plans to bring the world to heel.

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Hamas releases animated clip depicting captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit

25 April, 2010 — Israeli Occupation Archive

Hamas released an animated cartoon on Sunday showing abducted Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been captive in Gaza for nearly four years, returning to Israel in a coffin. The three-minute 3D animation [is] shown on the website of Hamas’ armed wing.

IOA Editor: A very sophisticated — both substantively and graphically — Hamas message to Israel: Exchange the Palestinian prisoners for Gilad Shalit, while he’s alive. It immediately proved to irritate the Netanyahu government.

By Haaretz and DPA – 25 April 2010

The three-minute 3D animation, shown on the website of Hamas’ armed wing, warns that Gilad Shalit would face the same fate as Israeli airman Ron Arad, whose whereabouts are unknown since he was captured in South Lebanon in 1986.

The voice-over in the clip is that of Gilad Shalit, as heard in a video released by his captors last September.

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“Separate and Unequal school system in ‘liberal’ NYC”

14 April, 2010 – Grassroots Education Movement

If you’re a white student and you arrive at the public elementary school building on 95th Street and Third Avenue, you’ll probably walk through the front door. If you’re a black student, you’ll probably come in through the back. So reported the Village Voice on one of New York’s best-kept secrets: its public schools are some of the most segregated public schools in the country. The schools have two tiers: one for affluent white families who pump private funds into THEIR kids classrooms, and another for largely minority, poor communities— underfunded, underserved and overcrowded: 43% have severe space problems, and the recession ensures that no help is in sight. GRITtv went to Donna Nevel, an advocate for fairer schools in New York, for her take.

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