Racism in Israel: There’s something seriously wrong By Stephen Lendman

13 April 2010 — Atlantic Free PressStephen Lendman


Mossawa means equality, the Mossawa Advocacy Center promoting it for Israel’s Arab citizens – about 1.5 million, comprising 20% of the population. Established in 1997, it “strives to improve the social, economic and political status of (Israeli Arabs), while preserving their national and cultural rights as Palestinians.” It also promotes gender equality “in all spheres of society.”

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America’s Imperial Design: World Military Superiority Without Nuclear Weapons By Rick Rozoff

11 April, 2010 — Global ResearchStop NATO

A war can be won without being waged. Victory can be attained when an adversary knows it is vulnerable to an instantaneous and undetectable, overwhelming and devastating attack without the ability to defend itself or retaliate.

What applies to an individual country does also to all potential adversaries and indeed to every other nation in the world.

There is only one country that has the military and scientific capacity and has openly proclaimed its intention to achieve that ability. That nation is what its current head of state defined last December as the world’s sole military superpower. [1] One which aspires to remain the only state in history to wield full spectrum military dominance on land, in the air, on the seas and in space.

To maintain and extend military bases and troops, aircraft carrier battle groups and strategic bombers on and to most every latitude and longitude. To do so with a post-World War II record war budget of $708 billion for next year.

Having gained that status in large part through being the first country to develop and use nuclear weapons, it is now in a position to strengthen its global supremacy by superseding the nuclear option.

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Why Bolivia Called the World Peoples’ Climate Summit

12 April, 2010 — Climate and Capitalism

‘The central aim of any climate summit is not to save itself and accept any outcome, but to come to an agreement that will save humanity.’

Media Advisory issued April 11 by the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth. More than 10,000 individuals and 50 governments have already registered to participate in the historic meeting.

Pablo Solon, Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN, at a press conference during UNFCCC negotiations in Bonn on 10 April condemned continued attempts by some developed countries to impose a deeply flawed Copenhagen Accord as the basis for future negotiations:

‘The only way to get negotiations back on track not just for Bolivia or other countries, but for all of life, biodiversity, our Mother Earth is to put civil society back into the process.’

Solon explained it was this belief that motivated Bolivia to host an historic World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth on 19-22 April 2010 to which more than 15,000 people and up to 70 governments are expected to attend.

‘The central aim of any climate summit is not to save itself and accept any outcome, but to come to an agreement that will save humanity.’ Solon said that the Copenhagen Accord sadly marked a ‘backwards step’ so could never be acceptable as a basis for further negotiations. Solon pointed out that the European Union’s own analysis of the Copenhagen Accord admitted that it would lead to an increase of temperatures of up to four or five degrees.

‘This is no kind of solution. Yet at these talks [in Bonn] we never hear developed nations admitting concern over this. Instead the US claims this is the best agreement we have had. Are we really willing to say that allowing temperatures to rise to four or five degrees is a good goal?’

Solon reiterated the demands of many developing nations by calling on industrialized nations to rebuild trust. ‘You cannot rebuild trust by legalizing the same methods that led to the failure in Copenhagen.’ Solon called for talks to be returned to the full UNFCCC process, and to develop on what had been agreed in COP15.

Solon commenting on news that the US and Denmark were withdrawing aid from countries like Bolivia for their opposition to the Copenhagen Accord said, ‘This in their rights, but unfair and clearly an attempt to punish Bolivia. What kind of negotiation is it where you lose money if you disagree?’ Solon said that Bolivia would not back down due to such threats. ‘We are a country with dignity and sovereignty and will maintain our position.’

Hugo Chavez gives America a piece of his mind

10 April, 2010 — RT.com

hugo.jpgVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez called US officials “stupid” on Thursday for criticizing his recent shopping spree of Russian-made military hardware, saying it is for defensive purposes.

As the United States bears down on the Venezuelan leader for stockpiling Russian-made weapons, the verbal fireworks display is beginning to get explosive.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) the Secretary of State of the empire was in Bogotá, hurling his darts at Venezuela and some make it easer for the empire by saying that there are concerns in the United States because Venezuela is buying plenty of weapons,” Chávez said.

Chavez was apparently making reference to comments by Arturo Valenzuela, US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, who was speaking in Bogotá during a week-long trip to Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

“Don’t be so stupid, Yankees!” the Venezuelan leader exclaimed at a ceremony to mark the delivery of patrol boats purchased from Spain, a deal that comes on the heels of a major arms agreement with Russia.

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Gaza Friends: Cementing our Solidarity with the People of Gaza

13 April, 2010 — Free Gaza Movement

First, we’d like to thank those of you who have stepped up to send us euros, dollars and pounds for our next mission. That appeal went out on April 9, and, in four days,  you have already sent us over a quarter of the money we need. So we are adding this plea to our first one. We have a cement company in Ireland who will match the bags of cement that we buy…bag for bag. Here is another way that you can help.

Normally we don’t ask for donations for specific items, since all donations to our tax-exempt accounts in Cyprus or the U.S. are used to buy the boats or for operating costs  However, we are sending out this special appeal to the hundreds of you who have said, “But can’t I contribute to something specific, something that I can be proud to buy and know will help the people of Gaza?” Therefore, our PayPal account at http://www.freegaza.org/en/donate can accept donations for cement and book bags. In the message section on PayPal, tell us you want the money used to purchase cement or book bags. Or you can wire money into the Irish account designated below this announcement. We will use your donation for cement for reconstruction or book bags for the children if you designate it’s for them.

cement.jpgThe Free Gaza Movement calls on communities, schools, hospitals, trade unions and families across Ireland and the world to sponsor bags of cement and school supplies to send to Gaza. They will be loaded onto our Irish cargo ship, the MV Rachel Corrie, as part of an international flotilla of ships sailing to Gaza in May.

Just €5 will pay for a bag of cement to help the people of Gaza rebuild, supporting the Palestinian people and their refusal to be broken despite a devastating siege and Occupation. €5 for a bag of cement (or €10 for two bags, €20 for four bags, €100 for 20 bags) or €10 for a school/sports bag.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza is in its third year, and virtually no reconstruction materials have been allowed into the Gaza Strip, which is still in ruins after Israel’s massive onslaught in Dec/Jan 2009 which killed over 1,400 Palestinians, almost 400 of them children.

At least 11,000 houses, 105 factories, 20 hospitals and clinics, 159 schools, universities, playschools and technical institutions were either damaged or destroyed and are still in ruins. Over 20,000 people were driven from their homes – many still living in tents.

school-bag.jpgIsrael has also banned books, paper, pens and school supplies, and we plan to deliver them along with messages of solidarity to the children of Gaza. For €10, you can sponsor  a school bag filled with school supplies to support children struggling to study under siege.

John Ging, the Director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency told reporters in March 2010:    ‘I have no cement or steel or iron.  We can’t get in one bag of cement, one pane of glass… to actually begin that reconstruction.’

This May, The Free Gaza Movement is answering the call for help by sending a flotilla of boats carrying building supplies, humanitarian relief, and human rights defenders from across the world to Gaza.

The flotilla is made up of a coalition of organisations- from Turkey, Greece, Malaysia, Belgium, Sweden, Indonesia and Ireland, and will set sail in mid May to challenge the illegality of the siege of Gaza and devastating occupation of Palestine. Help us support the Palestinians’ right to rebuild their lives.

You can wire your donations to the Bank of Ireland, 32 south Mall, Cork, Republic of Ireland, Acct #41818255, Sort Code 902768, IBAN #, IE58BOFI90276841818255. BIC# BOFIIE2D

If you have questions, please email:  sahara78@hotmail.uk or freegazaireland@gmail.com