Bolivia Rising: Communitarian Socialism in Bolivia By Roger Burbach

5 April, 2010 — Bolivia Rising

When Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, was sworn in to a second term in January, he proclaimed Bolivia a plurinational state that would construct ‘communitarian socialism.’ In an accompanying address, Vice President Álvaro Garcia Linare, envisioned a ‘socialist horizon’ for Bolivia, characterized by ‘well-being, making the wealth communal, drawing on our heritage . . .’ The process ‘will not be easy, it could take decades, even centuries, but it is clear that the social movements cannot achieve true power without implanting a socialist and communitarian horizon.’

During the past decade Latin America has become a scene of hope and expectations as its leaders and social movements have raised the banner of twenty-first century socialism in a world ravished by imperial adventures and economic disasters. Proponents of the new socialism assert that it will break with the state-centered socialism of the last century, and will be driven by grassroots social movements that construct an alternative order from the bottom up. There is also widespread concurrence that the process will take a unique path in each country, that there is no single model or grand strategy to pursue.

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HLLN 4 April, 2010 — After Haiti refugee detainment, Obama must get control of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement | Bohoun – Vodun Ceremony to expedite soul of those lost back to the sacred primordial waters

4 April, 2010 — HLLN

Recommended HLLN Link: Ezili Dant’s Re-memberment for the quake victims and HLLN Delegation mobilizing Haiti-led Relief/Rebuilding –

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– After Haiti refugee detainment, Obama must get control of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement | Albor Ruiz – Ny Local | April 4th 2010

– Giving Up the Search for Haiti’s Last Lost American By Jessica Desvarieux / Port-au-Prince Tuesday, Mar. 30, 2010 | New York Times

– Bohoun – Vodun Ceremony to expedite soul of those lost back to the primordial waters (Anba Dlo)

Bohoun – A Vodouist observance – a release /Kase kanari Vodouist ceremony – Kase Kanari – The 40th-day-after-death ritual that prayfully releases the souls of lives lost back to the Vodouist place of origin, back to Anba Dlo – back to the sacred primordial waters, back into the cosmic Ancestors’ hands and keeping.

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What Haitians Want From Americans (and What They Don't) by: Beverly Bell

4 April, 2010 — Truthout

We asked Haitians in civil society organizations, on the streets, in buses, “What do you want from the US? What help can Americans give Haiti?” Here are some of their answers.

Roseanne Auguste, community health worker with the Association for the Promotion of Integrated Family Health:

The US people don’t know us enough. The first thing that Haitians need from the American people is for them to know our history better. They just see us as boat people. Especially Black Americans, we need them to know the other parts of our history, like that we defeated Napoleon. This would let them know that we’re the same people.

By contrast, Haitians know what they like in the US. They don’t agree with American policies, but they have no problem with the American people. Rap music, Haitians appreciate it a lot: Tupac, Akon, Wyclef – even though he’s originally from Haiti. The Haitian people feel strongly about Michael Jordan, a Black man who beat up on the other players. On the back of taptaps [painted buses] you see Michael Jackson, the Obamas. It doesn’t matter that Obama is a machine of the establishment; the fact that he’s a Black American, they identify with him.

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