New on North American Congress on Latin America 22 April, 2010

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Scenes From the People’s Climate Change Summit in Bolivia
by The Democracy Center
Imagine you live in a slow and sleepy village where the cow population rivals that of people and suddenly some 10,000 people from all parts of the planet descend upon it—bearing slogans. Welcome to Tiquipaya for the People’s Summit on Climate Change. This repost from the Bolivia-based Democracy Center’s blog brings together the on-the-ground reporting from Jim Shultz, Elizabeth Cooper, and Jessica Camille Aguirre, who dare to grapple with the huge questions raised at the summit this week.

Honduras and the Political Uses of the Drug War
by Nikolas Kozloff and Bill Weinberg
Soon after the June coup in Honduras, the de facto government unleashed a vigorous PR campaign against ousted president Manuel Zelaya, accusing him of being involved in drug trafficking. This linking of Zelaya to drugs remained a prominent feature of the coup government’s propaganda during its seven-month reign, and offers an insight into the the many political uses of the drug war in the Americas, even to justify the overthrow of a democratically elected president.

NO2ID Supporters’ Newsletter No. 147 – 22nd April 2010: UK almost tops international Google-snoop league

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Two weeks from now Parliament will have changed. Whoever forms the next government, over a quarter of MPs will be new to the job. Many may not know how much the database state matters to their constituents, or how deeply it will affect them.

They need to be informed and you can help. Starting now.

Over the next fortnight make it a point to ask your local candidates one of NO2ID’s seven questions for candidates at a hustings meeting or in a personal letter or e-mail. Listen carefully to what they say, and let them know you’ll be following up. One of them will be your MP and needs to know you care.

NO2ID is looking for candidates to have their own opinions on these questions. We aren’t seeking to punish people for giving ‘wrong’ answers or to antagonise them [1]. What we are hoping is to get them outside pat party lines and looking at the issues for themselves. Even if they disagree with us now, a willingness to think about it will make them approachable in the next parliament.

You can download a list of our seven questions for candidates here:

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Statewatch News Online – 20 April 2010 (07/10)

Home page:

The European Commission is about to adopt its Action Plan on the Stockholm Progamme:

1. European Commission: Action Plan on the Stockholm Programme:
Statewatch Analysis: A bit more freedom and justice and a lot more security by Tony Bunyan:

“The ‘harnessing of the digital tsunami’ as advocated by the EU Future Group and the surveillance society, spelt out in Statewatch’s “The Shape of Things to Come’ is embedded in the Commission’s Action Plan as it is in the Stockholm Programme…There is no mention of the European Security Research Programme (ESRP). Much of the technological development is being funded under the 1.4 billion euro security research programme. See: Statewatch/TNI report: Neoconopticon: EU security-industrial complex.”

The Shape of Things to Come:
Neoconopticon: EU security-industrial complex:

2. Statewatch Briefing: European Commission: Action Plan on the Stockholm Programme: Comments by Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex:

3. Full-text: Communication from the Commission: Delivering an area of freedom, security and justice for Europe’s citizens Action Plan Implementing the Stockholm Programme (COM 171/2010):

Today Statewatch also publishes two Analyses taking up issues raised in the Action Plan:

4. The Action Plan includes proposals to track “troublemakers”: “The right to protest: Statewatch Analysis: Protests in the EU: ‘Troublemakers’ and ‘travelling violent offenders [undefined] to be recorded on database and targeted By Tony Bunyan:

“Since the onset of the EU’s response to the ‘war on terrorism’ the prime targets have been Muslim and migrant communities together with refugees and asylum-seekers. Now there is an emerging picture across the EU that demonstrations and the democratic right to protest are among the next to be targeted to enforce “internal security”.

5. Statewatch Briefing: EU proposals to increase the financial transparency of charities and non-profit organisations by Ben Hayes:

“The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has strongly promoted the thesis that terrorist organisations use laundered money for their activities, and that charities are a potential conduit for terrorist organisations.”

For further information: e-mail:

Statewatch: Monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe
PO Box 1516, London, N16 0EW. UK
tel: +44(0)20-8802-1882; fax: +44(0)20-8880-1727

Joe Bageant: There ain’t no escape from collapse

22 April, 2010 — Joe Bageant

In response to a letter from a reader (Joe, why did you crap out on us?), you wrote: ‘Places like Ecuador, northern California — all sorts of places — creating little spots of sustainability as best as possible.’

Since the US is the nexus of all the fraud, empire, control, and will thus be the center of the pain in the upcoming financial collapse (AND contains a huge percentage of ‘useless eaters’, i.e. superfluous workers) have you given any thought as to where the best places/countries in the world will be to ‘hang out’ while the Collective Madness and Economic Collapse take over?



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