HLLN 3 April, 2010: Relevant points about the Donor's Conference for Haiti

3 April, 2010 — HLLN

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Another worthless UN donor pledging session set for March 31st in New York | Changing Haiti’s Paradigm : Haitians must rebuild Haiti not the failed Internationals (UN/USAID/Clinton/IFIs/NGO poverty pimp industry in Haiti)

Ezili Dantò/HLLN Vodun Remembrance to Honor Quake Victims
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– Tectonic Shifts?- The Upcoming Donors’ Conference for Haiti
By MARK SCHULLER | Counterpunch

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GazaFriends: Coalition to Break the Blockade on Gaza Announced

3 April, 2010 — Free Gaza

Istanbul, Turkey – Following months of preparation, a coalition bringing together a number of organizations and movements working to break Israel’s illegal blockade on Gaza was announced yesterday in Istanbul.  The coalition, comprised of the Turkey-based IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi) organization, the European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG), the Greek Ship to Gaza campaign, the Swedish Ship to Gaza campaign and the Free Gaza Movement, will launch a flotilla of ships laden with cargo, media, parliamentarians, celebrities and activists to Gaza next month.

The flotilla will be composed of at least eight vessels, including three cargo ships, and will set sail from European ports starting on May 3, reaching the port of Gaza later in the month.  Over 500 passengers from more than 20 countries will take part, and over 5,000 tons of cargo, including cement, prefabricated housing, other building materials, medical equipment, and educational supplies will be delivered to Palestinians in Gaza.

The Free Gaza Movement has been launching ships to Gaza since August 2008, partnering with organizations and activists around the world on these missions.  In December 2009, IHH led a land convoy to Gaza that brought tons of humanitarian aid and other supplies.  In January 2010 the European Campaign brought 50 parliamentarians to Gaza in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to witness the devastation wrought by Israel’s illegal policies.  Ship to Gaza/Greece and Ship to Gaza/Sweden meanwhile have had ongoing campaigns in their countries to raise awareness and funds for this effort and for materials to be brought to Gaza.

“Through this coalition, these organizations will be able to maximize resources, experience and commitment to ending the illegal siege on Gaza.  Even as Israel continues its daily persecution of Palestinians, we will use this action to wake the world’s consciousness about the crimes committed against Palestinians,” said IHH President Bulent Yildirim.

The coalition invites organizations and individuals from around the world to join the effort by providing supplies for Gaza and contributing financial support for the mission.

Free Gaza Movement – Greta Berlin – +33607374512; www.freegaza.org
ECESG – Mazen Kahel – +33 1 46 81 12 92; www.savegaza.eu
IHH – Ahmet Emin Dag – +90 530 341 1934; www.ihh.org.tr
Ship to Gaza / Greece – Vangelis Pissias – +30 697 200 9339; www.shiptogaza.gr
Ship to Gaza / Sweden – Dror Feiler – +46702855777; www.shiptogaza.se

Extensive media coverage of JQ protest, Wigmore Hall

3 April, 2010

Dear J-BIGers and friends,

As some of you know, there has been extensive coverage of our protest v the Jerusalem Quartet on Monday, in the printed and audio media. (It pays to be controversial!).

You can hear some of the interruptions and a statement from the JQ in Danish radio, who unlike radio 3, didn’t take it off the air:

Here is Naomi’s wonderful interview (& my operatic intervention!) on BBC World service:
[The item on the musical protest begins at about 30minutes and 30seconds into the programme –MM]

Radio 4’s Feedback programme today. My intervention followed by a sympathetic listener protesting that radio 3 took it off the air!

2 articles in the Independent to which Tony and I responded, which should be published later today:


The following were compiled by Yael’s partner Rob for which, thanks, (note that they get my sex wrong!):-

West Bank reaches Wigmore Hall
Charlotte Higgins
Tuesday 30 March 2010 22.30 BST

Protesters disrupt Jerusalem Quartet recital
29 March 2010
From Classical Music magazine website


West Bank reaches Wigmore Hall

Even the BBC Music Magazine couldn’t ignore the story:

Jerusalem Quartet concert disrupted by anti-Israeli protests


7 ways to stop musical ‘ambassadors’ for Israel
Sarah Cobhma | 29.03.2010 20:17 | Palestine


Meanwhile, Tony Greenstein has written 2 articles on his blog which was picked up by the Guardian..Hang on, there’s a 3rd one up there now!

There have also been 2 articles in the JC
and YNet, which like the JC, doesn’t mention that there was singing (G-d forbid that we might look cultural!) and mistakenly say that the quartet engaged with me!

Here’s part of an email from Naomi:

‘I would like to say to everyone involved in this protest, from Debbie with her amazing soprano voice, to the other four protesters who bravely raised their voices, to the people who supported them inside and outside the hall, to Ann and others who helped rush out publicity
information, you have made a tremendous impact on behalf of the BDS campaign. The fact that you were able to do it on the very day that five Scottish PSC members were in court on absurd racism charges for their action at a JQ concert last year just makes it more powerful.

Best regards,

I would also like to thank all those who took part, including members of J-BIG, PSC and ISM who leafleted outside, and Brighton PSC for initiating the protest.



UK: Proportional representation and Brown’s opportunist ploy By Moshe Machover

1 April, 2010 — Communist Party of Great Britain

What sort of electoral system should communists advocate? Moshé Machover – mathematician, lecturer in philosophy and leftwing activist – examines the alternatives to ‘first past the post’

polling-station.jpgIn what looked suspiciously like a deathbed conversion, Gordon Brown has pushed through the House of Commons a Constitutional and Governance Bill, one clause of which provides for a referendum on electoral reform, to be held within a year following the forthcoming general election. In the referendum, voters will be asked to decide whether the present plurality[1] procedure (popularly known as ‘first past the post’, or FPTP) for electing the House of Commons would be replaced by the alternative vote (AV) procedure.

AV is a special case, or an adaptation, of the single transferable vote (STV); but, whereas under full-fledged STV each constituency elects several MPs, under AV there is just one MP per constituency, as under the present FPTP.

AV, like STV, is a preferential system: instead of putting an ‘X’ against your preferred candidate, you rank the candidates in order of preference, marking them with ‘1’ for your favourite, ‘2’ for your second choice, and so on.

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