Video: U.S. covering up reality in Honduras

7 April, 2010 — The Real News Network

State Department campaign denies the systemic repression that continues, nine months after coup

While State Department attempts to sell the world that the inauguration of a new president in Honduras has brought an end to the country’s crisis, the continuing assassinations of anti-coup activists and their children stands as sharp evidence to the contrary. Video includes interviews with Father Ismael “Melo” Moreno, director of Honduras’ Radio Progreso, and Adrienne Pine, anthropologist from American University and Honduras expert.

Produced by Jesse Freeston.


7 April, 2010 – News Dissector

MEDIA POWER TRUMPS PEOPLE’S RIGHTS: Court Rules Against F.C.C. in ‘Net Neutrality’ Case

A federal appeals court has ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing over their networks.

Tuesday’s ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is a big victory for the Comcast Corporation, the nation’s largest cable company. It had challenged the F.C.C.’s authority to impose so called “net neutrality” obligations.

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Socialism, Public Criticism and the Democratic Path By Marta Harnecker

28 March, 2010 — Links InternationalMRZine/Monthly Review

Marta Harnecker: `Socialism is a Search for a Fully Democratic Society’

Bolivians mobilise. “If our government officials are to be wise, they must be pushed by popular initiatives so that the people can feel they are doing it themselves. The state’s paternalism, in building socialism, may help at first, but we must create popular protagonism.” Photo by Ben Dangl.

Marta Harnecker interviewed by Edwin Herrera Salinas

Edwin Herrera Salinas: What is the characteristic of the Latin American left today?

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HLLN 6 April, 2010: Statement of Cuban Foreign Minister at UN Donors Meeting on Haiti | US/Euro pillage masking as humanitarian aid

7 April, 2010 — HLLN

Recommended HLLN Link: Haiti: Women demand role in reconstruction

HLLN Delegation mobilizing Haiti-led Relief/Rebuilding

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– Statement of Cuban Foreign Minister at UN Donors Meeting on Haiti

– Ezili Danto’s Note: US/Euro pillage masking as humanitarian aid

Ezili Danto’s Note: US/Euro pillage masking as humanitarian aid

Here is an good example of what real helps looks like (Statement of Cuban Foreign Minister at UN Donors Meeting on Haiti

Below we post the Haiti-Cuba proposal for building health care in Haiti that considers the needs of the poorest of the poor in Haiti and is without the unseemly large budget of the cork-popping champagne fanfare of the UN/Papa-Mama Clinton March 31st media show and pledging session that just took place. It is worthy of all our support. If only this Haiti-Cuba health care proposal could be brought into application without the US/Euro policymakers’ interference and use of their egotistical NGOs and mercenary military contractors to block it. If only their inhumanity and vulgarity could be held in abeyance while heart sore human beings, living under water-logged tents, old cardboard and wet sheets, people with damaged and inflamed limbs, some also tear-gassed by the UN for protesting their conditions; if only their inhumanity and vulgarity could be held in abeyance as Haiti tried to recover from the ravages of the US/Euro neoliberalism and despotism that exacerbated a 7.0 earthquake so that it took the lives of over 300,000…

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Ecosocialist Resources, 11

6 April, 2010 — Climate and Capitalism

  • Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
  • Native peoples reject market mechanisms
  • Mobilization for the climate and anti-capitalist strategy
  • Costing the earth: The challenge of eco-socialism

Draft Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth. to be submitted to the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, Cochabamba, Brazil, April 19-22

Mother Earth is an indivisible community of diverse and interdependent beings with whom we share a common destiny and to whom we must relate in ways that benefit Mother Earth; … by attempting to dominate and exploit Mother Earth and other beings, humans have caused severe destruction, degradation and disruption of the life-sustaining communities, processes and balances of Mother Earth which now threatens the wellbeing and existence of many beings.

Climate Change: Native Peoples Reject Market Mechanisms. Daniel Zueras reports on the Latin American Indigenous Forum on Climate Change in Costa Rica.

Proposals from governments and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), such as the Clean Development Mechanism and the UN-REDD Programme (United Nations Collaborative Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries), ‘are new forms of economic geopolitics’ that endanger indigenous rights enshrined in treaties, says the final declaration of the forum, which ended Wednesday.

Mobilization for the climate and anti-capitalist strategy. Daniel Tanuro’s report to the Fourth International

It is important as of now to send out a signal, to show we are moving. In Copenhagen, in December, a breach opened. For the first time, a mass mobilization on global environmental issues took on the character of a social struggle against the system in place: ‘Change the system, not the climate’, ‘Planet not profit’. This internationalist movement will develop. It offers us considerable potentialities. An anti-capitalist tendency did not wait for us to develop. We must reinforce it.

Costing the earth: The challenge of eco-socialism. Liam Young in the Scottish socialist journal Frontline

To enable the maintenance of a planet that is not only inhabitable but can also sustain civilization it is necessary to carry through an ecological revolution. As this is incompatible with the system of capitalism any such revolution needs to be linked to a larger social transformation that changes not only the method of production but also the motivations behind production. To achieved this the classes of society that make up the majority of the planets population will need to be mobilized by combining the struggle to protect the planets environment with the struggles for social and economic justice.”

ColdType APRIL 2010 Issue


1. The Lying Game: Marja, The City That Never Was; Goodbye To Truth: Goodbye To Liberty; AIPAC Tells Another Whopper; A Nation Is Pacified.

2. The War Machine: A Bomber Jacket Doesn’t Cover The Blood; Have A Nice World War, Folks!; 28 Nations With No Shame; Who You Gonna Bomb Next, Eh?; How To Fight A Better War (Next Time); War With The Ghosts.

Also: 37 Years In Solitary Confinement; Invictus In Reverse; Meddling Where We Oughtnt Meddle; Informed Consent; and a Photo Essay on The Tax Revolt That Ended Thatcher’s Reign.

THIS MONTHS READER EXTRA is The Murderers of New Orleans, an excerpt from Rebecca Solnits remarkable new book, A Paradise Built in Hell


3. Those Fabulous Alcock Boys, an excerpt from Rian Malans new book, Resident Alien

4. Cantina Tolteca, by Joe Bageant

5. Taking Flight, an excerpt from Ramzy barouds new book, My father Was A Freedom Fighter

6. The Iran Threat in the Age of Real-Axis-of-Evil Expansion, by Edward S. Herman & David Peterson

7. When Was The Last Time YOU Visited Iraq, by Tom Engelhardt

Enjoy! (and if you dont, let us know why)

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