Iran Newslinks 15 April, 2010: Turkish foreign minister opposes UN sanctions on Iran

Gates: UN sanctions against Iran a first step
Los Angeles Times
The Obama administration signaled Wednesday that the United States would
accept weakened United Nations sanctions against Iran as a way to quickly
assemble …,0,6942156.story

Officials Say Iran Could Make Bomb Fuel in a Year
New York Times
By DAVID E. SANGER WASHINGTON — Two of the nation’s top military
officials said Wednesday that Iran could produce bomb-grade fuel for at
least one nuclear …

Iran’s Relations With Afghanistan
Voice of America
It is important for Afghanistan to have positive relations with Iran, in
order for the region to enjoy peace and security. The United States
supports …

Turkey emerging as a wild card on Iran
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Also, in recent months he has focused attention on Israel’s undeclared
nuclear arsenal, saying it should be examined as well if Iran’s nuclear
program is …

‘All-Star’ Panel on What Came Out of Obama’s Nuclear Summit
The news out of the conference Steve was questions about what China may or
may not have signed on to when it comes to sanctions against Iran. …,2933,591022,00.html

Petronas Halts Fuel Sales to Iran as Sanctions Loom
ABC News
By Niluksi Koswanage and Luke Pachymuthu KUALA LUMPUR/DUBAI (Reuters) –
Malaysia’s Petronas has stopped supplying gasoline to Iran, a company
spokesman said …

Daimler to reduce Iran ties over nuclear policy
DE) became the latest German firm to reduce business ties with Iran in
protest at its nuclear policy, a day after the US called for swift
sanctions to …

U.S. Aggressiveness towards Iran
Foreign Policy Journal
In his latest interview with CBS news, US President Barack Obama refused to
rule out the possibility of a military strike against Iran by harking back
to …

Obama urges Israel and all countries to sign NPT, Iran prepares to launch …
In addition, Lieutenant General Ronald Bugress warned a Senate panel on
Wednesday of the potential for Iran to be able to build a nuclear bomb in
the near …—Politics-Examiner~y2010m4d14-Obama-urges-Israel-and-all-countries-to-sign-NPT-Iran-prepares-to-launch-nuclear-reactor

Turkish foreign minister opposes UN sanctions on Iran
Washington Post
By Mary Beth Sheridan Turkey’s foreign minister said Wednesday that he did
not support new UN sanctions against Iran, indicating there were still
important …

France, US Spar Over Extradition
Wall Street Journal
By EVAN PEREZ WASHINGTON—France sought to block extradition to the US of
an Iranian businessman US authorities say helped Iran obtain materials it
could use …

Brazil Reasoning to Go to Iran: Let’s Make a Deal Before the Chinese Do It
Brazzil Magazine
Brazil’s minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Miguel Jorge,
just went to Iran with 86 Brazilian businesspeople and he has told them
that …

Iran’s Parliament Limits Its Power as a Watchdog
New York Times
By NAZILA FATHI Taking the unusual step of limiting its own authority,
Iran’s Parliament on Wednesday adopted a law that would curb its ability to
review …

Russia says Iran reactor on track for August launch
BUENOS AIRES, April 14 (Reuters) – A reactor being built by Russia at
Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant is scheduled to open in August, …

Nobody meant to embarrass Israel at nuclear summit
Israel is of course concerned, first and foremost, over Iran’s nuclear
program. Although the conference did not deal with Iran directly, behind
the scenes …

Peres in Paris raps Syria, Iran
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
PARIS (JTA) — Israeli President Shimon Peres criticized Syria and Iran
during a visit to Paris. Peres arrived Monday to discuss the Middle East
peace …

Manmohan, others to brainstorm on Iran sanctions at BRIC, IBSA
Hindustan Times
Iran’s nuclear issue and the controversy surrounding it will also be
discussed under the BRIC format in Brasilia by Singh, Russian President
Dmitry Medvedev …

China to send Iran gasoline as UN mulls sanctions
SINGAPORE (AP) — A state-owned Chinese oil company is planning to ship
30000 metric tons of gasoline to Iran. Singapore ship brokers say a tanker
will be …

Gates Expresses Confidence in UN Progress on Iran
Department of Defense
Such a resolution could go a long way not only in isolating Iran, but also
in providing a new legal platform for some countries to impose even more

FM to Romanian officials: Last chance for Iran sanctions
“We are currently on our last chance to decide on harsh sanctions against
Iran, effective sanctions. Because the Iranian regime threatens not only
the …,7340,L-3876155,00.html

Lives at stake in Iran
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is asking for urgent prayer for two
young women who went on trial April 13 in Iran for “propagation of
Christianity” …

General David Petraeus Says It’s Iran That Keeps Him Up at Night
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
But as troublesome as those hot spots are, he admitted that what most keeps
him up at night is worrying about Iran and what that nation is up to. …

Russia asks Iran to help revive Persian leopard population
Russia has asked Iran to help it revive a rare population of Persian
leopards near the Black Sea resort slated to host 2014 Winter Olympic
Games. …

Tanzania: Iran to Open Agricultural Training Centres
Dar Es Salaam — IRAN is expected this year to open two vocational
training centres in the country to help farmers process their agriculture
produce. …

Iran draws $12.5bn investment in oil
Tehran Times
More than 12.5 billion dollars has been invested in Iran’s oil and gas
industry during the past Iranian year (ended March 20), says a senior
Iranian energy …

BBC State Department correspondent, Washington
BBC News
Hezbollah is backed by Iran; both are Israel’s arch enemies. If the
militant group obtains medium and long range ballistic missiles, such as
Scuds, …

Military officials assess Iran on nukes
NWAOnline (subscription)
By ANNE GEARAN AP Iran could amass enough nuclear material to build a bomb
in about a year and with help might eventually be able to field a missile

Iran should come clean on nuclear intentions
Las Vegas Sun
If Iran continues to ignore the world by not disclosing its real intentions
for its nuclear ambitions, it can expect this kind of reaction from world

Iran Announces it’s a Month Away from Nuclear Independence
Yeshiva World News
American officials remain confident, insistent in defending American
intelligence data that states Iran’s atom bomb is not about to become a
reality. …’s-a-Month-Away-from-Nuclear-Independence.html

Malaysia to enforce nuclear trafficking law: PM
The new law follows the government’s denial late last year of involvement
in the illegal 2008 export of nuclear weapons to Iran although it confirmed
the …

Iran and Saudi push for Iraqi influence as US draws down
Iran and Saudi Arabia are bolstering their influence in Iraq weeks after a
closely-fought election while the United States becomes increasingly
focused on …

Congress Asks for Sanctions Against Iran – The Caucus Blog …
A bipartisan group of House lawmakers urged President Obama to levy
“crippling” sanctions on Iran, no matter what the United Nations does.

Global Voices Online “ Iran: Has blogging become less popular …
By Hamid Tehrani
Before the June 2009 presidential election the most dynamic pillars of
citizen media in Iran were YouTube and blogs. The election and the crisis
that followed introduced Facebook and Twitter as two new primary channels
of online citizen …

Obama’s Nuclear Wizardry and the Iran Factor – The Washington Note
By Steve Clemons
Glassman argued that Iran is an ideal place for strategic communications
and said that everything we do and everything we say should be coordinated
to meet the goal of changing the character of the Iranian leadership. …

France Goes Against U.S. on Iran Less Than 24 Hours After Nuke …
By Mark Hosenball
According to an Associated Press report, prosecutor Sophie Gulphe-Berbain
disputed a U.S. claim, underlying the basis for the extradition request,
that products which Kakavand sought to acquire for Iran had military
applications. …

Daimler to ‘restructure’ Iran business ties – The Local
Automaker Daimler became the latest German corporate giant to give in to
international pressure over its business ties with Iran on Wednesday,
saying it would “restructure” its activities there.

Iran News – Iran fights back against UN sanctions | Global News …
Iran is launching a concerted fightback against Barack Obama’s efforts to
impose UN sanctions against Tehran, by targeting Israel’s nuclear weapons
arsenal and the legality of Britain’s Trident submarine system. …

Iran not nuke-capable ‘for at least a year’ | Washington Examiner
By Gabriel Schoenfeld
“Iran is not expected to be capable of producing nuclear weapons for at
least a year, maybe more, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on
Tuesday,” reports Reuters, covering him from aboard a U.S. military
aircraft en route to South …

Obama Administration Says Iran Still Three to Five Years From …
By Greg
A revealing exchange at today’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on
Iran’s nuclear program that featured some of the Obama administration’s.

Nuclear Iran: China Will Do Nothing – Atlas Shrugs
By Pamela Geller
In other words, Obama is a fulla shitnik. Yet again. Conning the America
people, job #!! This article has been revised to reflect the following
correction: (hat tip Rut) Correction: April 14, 2010 A headline in some
copies on Tuesday …

Iran Reaches Out to Saudi Arabia Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English)
According to the Iranian diplomat, who spoke to Asharq Al-Awsat by
telephone, the message, which Feyrozina conveyed from Motaki, indicates
that “Iran is completely ready to resume negotiation and consultation with
the Saudis on the …

House Has Bipartisan Moment on Iran “ The Speakers Lobby
By John Brandt
Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) and Mike Pence (R-IN) to President Barack Obama
pressing for tough and decisive measures to confront the threat posed by
the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. …

Ahmadinejad tells US to ‘fight terrorism like Iran’ |
By marketmaker
A top aide to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday confirmed the
detention of five Britons in Gulf waters and vowed they will be dealt with
“firmly” if found guilty.Ahmadinejad’s chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim
Mashaie, …

US pursuing Iran sanctions with ‘sense of urgency’
WASHINGTON – The US is pursuing UN Security Council sanctions on Iran with

Iran needs ‘six years for bomb’ | Stock Market News – Business …
By Editor
The US military has warned that Iran could produce enough highly-enriched
uranium for a nuclear bomb in one year.But it would take another three to
five years to actually produce a “deliverable weapon that is usable,” a
senior general …

The Latest from Iran (15 April): Accepting Authority? | Enduring …
By Scott Lucas
0930 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch. Human rights activists, via A Street
Journalist, offers a full summary of developments, including the report
that almost 30.

Iran produces its first batch of higher enriched uranium …
Iran has succeeded in producing its first significant batch of further
enriched uranium, the country’s nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi said
Wednesday, a move defying UN demands to halt the controversial program.

Talks Continue as US Insists Iran Sanctions ‘Urgent’ — News from …
By Jason Ditz
Another round of P5+1 talks on Iran sanctions was held today, with French
officials touting the talks as “moving forward” and insisting that all
the nations were “on board.” The claim was of course in direct
contradiction to comments …

Pentagon: Iran needs 3-5 years to build usable atom bomb – Yahoo! News
Iran could produce enough highly enriched uranium for a single nuclear bomb
in as little as one year but would probably need three to five years to
assemble …

U.S., China to devise potential Iran sanctions – White House …
Presidents Barack Obama and Hu Jintao of China are instructing their
diplomats to work on potential sanctions to make clear to Iran the cost of
continued …

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