Strategic culture foundation online magazine latest publications 18-24 April, 2010

24 April, 2010 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Rafe MAIR (Canada)
Thoughts on Communism and Capitalism
“Although Communism may be dead in fact if not name, the conditions that spawned and nurtured it are very much with us today. Large corporations have replaced the noblemen, the dwindling middle class is no buffer between the haves and the have-nots, and the rich get richer. Not much different than 1917… Change, unpredictable change, is coming to your home and sooner than you think!…”

Coup in Kyrgyzstan, Drugs from Afghanistan, and the US
“While the Kyrgyz interim government was searching for the bank accounts of ousted President K. Bakiev, and Belorussian President A. Lukashenko invited him to settle down in Belarus, Moscow bloggers published a sensational finding: they unearthed evidence that the coup in Kyrgyzstan was backed by the US and that the whole intrigue revolves around the transit of drugs from Afghanistan…”

Najmuddin A. SHAIKH (Pakistan)
Afghanistan after the Obama Visit
“President Obama had cancelled an invitation to President Karzai to visit Washington. American media reports maintained that in retaliation Karzai invited President Ahmadinejad to Kabul and stood by his side while, in a scathing speech in Kabul Ahmadinejad berated the United States and attributed Afghanistan’s problems to the presence of foreign forces. The American media suggested that the visit Karzai undertook to China immediately thereafter was also designed to win himself some other external support… These reports appear to be much exaggerated…”

Hu Jintao’s Western Tour: From Washington to Brazil (I)
“In mid-April Hu Jintao, like the characters of Chinese classic Journey to the West monk Xuanzang, Monkey King S?n Wùk?ng, “Pigsy” Zhu Bajie, and General in Heaven Sh? Wùjìng, who went to look for Bhuddist Sutras, headed for a long journey. The purpose of Hu Jintao’s tour was to defend China’s interests face-to-face with the US President integrally representing the global North and to secure deeper cooperation with Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa, the countries leading the parade of the developing world…”

The Great Recession, Human Capital, and Political Peril in the US
“The Great Recession has delivered quite a blow to the consciousness of the US and the rest of the Western world over the last year and a half, and one hesitates to predict when its aftershocks may subside… income inequality in the US has ballooned to levels unparalleled in the developed world… As of the end of 2009 about 24 percent of mortgage holders still owed more money on their home than the home was currently worth… this recession has not supplied any psychological relief to the have-nots by punishing the wealthy enough to reverse income inequality…”

Rafe MAIR (Canada)
When What Couldn’t Happen… Happened!
“December 24, 2013. President Obama announced that earlier that day the 7th US airborne had landed in Northern Alberta, Canada, near the “tar sands” and had sent small contingents of troops into Edmonton and Victoria, the capitals of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia respectively. Mr. Obama, in a terse note to the Canadian ambassador said “no great nation, least of all the United States of America, can tolerate any country cutting off its oil supply. Once our imports from Canada are increased we will withdraw our forces leaving only a “token” presence…”

Anatoliy MANIN
START III and the Strategic Stability Problem
“The Nuclear Security Summit which convened recently in Washington produced little more than general declarations. In contrast, START III (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) signed by Russia and the US on April 8, 2010, and the extensive Protocol detailing its provisions deserve to be called a breakthrough in the sphere of limitation of both offensive and defensive strategic arms…”

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