NATO Daily Newslinks 12 May, 2010: DRUG TRAFFICKING: Was Operation Moshtarak a false flag?

NATO soldier, Afghan jail official killed
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Attacks in southern Afghanistan, the heartland of
a nearly nine-year Taliban insurgency, killed a NATO soldier and a local
prison …

NATO Oil Tanker Attacked in Pakistan
Voice of America
Photo: AP Pakistani officials say a bomb ripped through an oil tanker
carrying supplies for a NATO forces in Afghanistan, killing at least one
person. …

Buildup of top Afghan police seen as key for NATO
The Associated Press
William B. Caldwell, NATO’s head of the Afghan training mission. “Today you
join an elite force: the best trained, educated and most professional
element …

Officials say NATO soldier from Romania killed in southern Afghanistan
KABUL (AP) – A Romanian soldier has become the 16th NATO service member to
die in Afghanistan this month. According to Romanian defense officials,
Sgt. Maj. …

Afghanistan wants to be designated a significant US ally
Los Angeles Times
Karzai’s interest in being named a ‘major non-NATO ally’ makes this week’s
White House meetings particularly delicate. Secretary of State Hillary
Rodham …,0,4472561.story

EU and NATO congratulate new British Prime Minister Cameron
Earthtimes (press release)
By : dpa Brussels – European Union and NATO leaders congratulated David
Cameron on Wednesday, the day after he was asked to form Britain’s new
government. …,eu-and-nato-congratulate-new-british-prime-minister-cameron.html

External orientation of Georgian society
It confirmed that the Georgian public still support the country’s Western
orientation and NATO integration. 26% fully support NATO integration and
36% …

Taliban kill 2 alleged US spies in NW Pakistan
The Associated Press
Also Wednesday, a bomb ripped through an oil tanker carrying supplies for
NATO forces based in Afghanistan, killing a passer-by, Pakistani border
guard …

New role for Canada’s troops being explored
Montreal Gazette
By MATTHEW FISHER, Canwest News Service May 12, 2010 NATO is promising
Canada that if it keeps some troops in Afghanistan beyond next summer, it
is unlikely …

Afghanistan readies programme to reintegrate Taliban: Police, allies kill 18 …
The New Nation
Meanwhile, Afghan police, troops and intelligence agents backed by NATO
forces killed 18 militants in a joint operation in Afghanistan’s restive
southern …

Yanukovych dismisses Ukraine’s representatives to European Union, NATO
Kyiv Post
Ukraine’s representative to the European Union Andriy Veselovsky and head
of the Ukrainian mission to NATO Ihor Sahach have been dismissed from their
posts. …

Estonia will gain simplified access to NATO software
11:29 GMT, May 12, 2010 Today the Estonian Ministry of Defence and NATO
Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A) signed a treaty granting
Estonia …

Does Anyone Need US Nukes in Europe?
Huffington Post (blog)
For the time being, NATO defense ministers are expected to leave them where
they are. Tactical or short-range nuclear weapons are on the territory of

Russia to supply cargo choppers for NATO force in Afghanistan
The Voice of Russia
Russian companies can easily meet the demand of the NATO-led force in
Afghanistan for cargo helicopters. The claim is from Chief Executive of the
Russian …

Plenary session of NATO Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee to be held …
A plenary session of the NATO Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee
(SCEPC) organized by Azerbaijani Ministry of Emergency Situations within
the …

Four dead in Macedonia-Kosovo border shooting
Last week NATO officials warned that recent incidents of weapons’ smuggling
across the border could destabilize the region. Two weeks ago Macedonia
seized …

Eastern Europe and the Balkans: From Socialist Bloc And Non-Alignment To US …
Axis of Logic
Having quickly exhausted military targets, NATO warplanes resorted to
bombing so-called targets of opportunity, including bridges on the Danube
River, …

NATO Secretary General congratulated David Cameron on his appointment as UK …
Focus News
“I personally expect close cooperation with him in a moment, when NATO is
developing its operation in Afghanistan and is preparing a new Strategic
Concept. …

Security experts: Blurry line divides cyberattacks and physical retaliation
Some European Union and NATO security experts wanted to recommend, in a
report released May 6, that the alliance create a see a cyber command, …

Armenia-NATO partnership in focus at session in Brussels
… ministerial session of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, taking
place on Wednesday in Brussels and aiming at discussion on Armenia-NATO
relations. …

Liam Fox faces an MoD budget battle
The Guardian
As Nato allies quit the battlefield – the Dutch this year, the Canadians
next and possibly the Danes with them – the Americans are asking the UK
and its …

Global Security Report Released
Dr. Dobb’s
Create a civilian unit within NATO to handle the non-military aspects of
operations, including planning and coordinating activities involving
civilian …

Defence and Staff College Hosts Conference on NATO Mission in Afghanistan
A scientific conference entitled “The International Security Assistance
Force in Afghanistan: A Priority Mission of NATO” opened at the Defence and
Staff …

France wants to cut down NATO command
The Voice of Russia
France will insist that NATO’s headquarters be cut down in size, France
Press news agency reported Tuesday citing a source in Defense Minister
Herve Morin’s …

Armenia-NATO IPAP to be considered at the sitting of the North Atlantic …
Public Radio of Armenia
The annual report on the assessment of the Armenia-NATO Individual
Partnership Action Plan is expected to be discussed during the sitting. …

The Canadian Press
BERLIN — Germany’s government says it will keep up to 2500 troops in
Kosovo for at least another year as part of the NATO-led peacekeeping
mission. …

Afghanistan: ‘Courageous restraint,’ the new catch phrase
commanders are weighing a new way to reduce civilian casualties in
Afghanistan: …

Jamming for Global Security
Internet Evolution
Central themes resulting from the Security Jam were the need for closer
collaboration between NATO and the EU, and more civilian involvement and

Pakistan faces heat post the failed NY bombing
95.5 WBRU News
The missiles struck a region on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border where
Taliban and Qaeda fighters prepare for operations against United States and

The Canadian Press
BERLIN — Germany’s defence minister says a meeting of nations serving in
the NATO-led force in northern Afghanistan has agreed to try to hand
control of …

Drone revenge?
The News International
They left no choice for the NATO forces and the latter had to intervene and
cleanse the area from terrorists by means of drone attacks. …

Commentary “ Blog Archive “ Building an East Asian NATO
By Max Boot
A common complaint heard among American officials and policy analysts is
that in East Asia — one of the most important and conflict-prone areas of
the planet — there is no security architecture comparable to NATO. …

By Abbas Raza
Jakovlev was also the one who informed Simm that he had been promoted to
the rank of major general for having supplied Moscow with the names of all
suspected and known Russians working as spies for NATO. Then-President
Vladimir Putin …

NATOSource: NATO AWACS Resume Operations
By natosource
The entire NATO AWACS fleet operating out of Geilenkirchen, Germany was
inspected Thursday, April 29 after corrosion was found on the nose wheel
landing gear door mechanism on one of the planes. The corrosion has the
potential to …

NATO: Leaving poppy behind – Afghanistan
By News Team
Agriculture programmes aimed at giving Afghans in Helmand alternatives to
growing poppy are helping to increase the income of Helmandi farmers and
improve their lives. From natochannel123 on YouTube.

NATO Review – China and the West: keyboard conflicts?
By admin
This video is part of the NATO Review edition 01/2010 titled: The coming
role of Asia The opinions expressed in NATO Review do no
necessarily reflect thos of NATO or its member countries.

million driven from their homes, until NATO air… 528 …
By autoequize0604
million driven from their homes, until NATO air attacks, aided by Serb
military losses on the ground, led to an American diplomatic initiative
that would bring the war to an end I had stepped into what Dick Holbrooke
called the greatest …

NATO Review – China: increasing interests, growing power? 2/2 …
NATO Review – China: increasing interests, growing power? 2/2 · NATO
Review – China: increasing interests, growing power? 2/2. By NATOCOMMUNITY
· Loading mentions Retweet. Comments (0). Leave a comment. …

USJFCOMLive “ Blog Archive “ NATO commander to help kick off day 2
By Gregg Your
NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander French Air Force Gen. Stéphane Abrial will
be making this morning’s keynote, giving us the coalition/multinational
flavor consistent with the theme of “Combatant and Coalition Commanders:
What Will They …

Two killed in NATO tanker blast in Pakistan (AFP) | BiggNews
By MyBigg
AFP – Two people were killed in Pakistan on Wednesday when a bomb exploded
in a tanker carrying fuel for …

The Taliban burned down the day two columns of NATO
By admin
However, as the chief told reporters security forces, police in Ghazni
province Hiyal Baz Shirzoy, on Thursday, militants attacked NATO supply
convoy was subjected to Ab Band district of the province. As a result of
battle, which lasted …

russia didn’t do much of a job on educating the east europeans …
By niqnaq
Eleven years ago today, NATO was in the seventh week of a bombing war
against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, one which saw over 1000 Western
military planes fly over 38000 combat missions, bombs dropped from the sky
and Tomahawk …

From Kandahar, View of a ‘Counterproductive Counterinsurgency …
By Spencer Ackerman
All this happens as thousands of U.S., NATO and Afghan forces are moving
into the city and surrounding environs of Kandahar. Senior officials in
charge of shaping the operation have cautioned against viewing Kandahar as
an iconic …

Macedonia PM: We want deal with Greece over name dispute “ Turkey …
By Yilan
We want to find solutions,’ so we can become a member of NATO and the EU.
Compromise means both sides make moves, not just one side to make
concessions and the other side to have a victory.” Macedonia has been at
loggerheads over its …

DRUG TRAFFICKING: Was Operation Moshtarak a false flag — Is it …
By Agha H Amin
In other words, why U.S. and NATO are amassing troops near a sensitive
border remains a moot question. If indeed Operation Moshtarak was a false
flag, it is likely that thousands of ISAF troops getting assembled under
that false flag …

Taliban claims responsibility for death of prison official, bomb …
NATO and Afghan forces are pouring into the area for a key operation this
summer in Kandahar, the spiritual birthplace of the former Taliban regime
that is leading an insurgency against President Hamid Karzai’s government.

NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan
A NATO soldier has been killed in an attack by the Taliban in eastern
Afghanistan, days after the militants vowed to intensify attacks on the
US-led troops. …

ACO – Allied Command Operations | NATO E3A AWACS Undergoing Safety …
MONS, Belgium — The NATO AWACS fleet operating out of Geilenkirchen
stayed on the ground Thursday 29 April after corrosion was found on the
nose wheel …

NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan | Citizens for Legitimate …
NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan 06 May 2010 A soldier serving with
NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has been killed in an
armed …

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