The stories about the historic return of Aristide the media won't tell | Wyclef Jean's Trouble with the Truth: A Recent History

23 March 2011 — Ezili Danto

Haiti: The media blackout on Aristide’s historic and triumphant return to a celebrity welcome

In this essay, I post six videos from the alternative news media – four from Democracy Now!, one from Aljazeera dealing with the huge and celebrity welcome for Aristide. The last video is by a young Haitian on the March 20th fantasy the US is calling an “election” in Haiti. (See, Haiti Abstains).

The purpose of this post, complete with Ezili HLLN’s on-the-ground-report of Aristide’s historic return to a celebrity welcome, is to tell our stories and honest vignettes of the historic return. Stories the mainstream media will not deign to record… (Go to,

Other recommended HLLN Links:

– Wyclef Jean’s Trouble With The Truth: A Recent History
By Zara Golden, Mar. 22 2011

– Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak Worse than Expected, New Report Finds
By Julia Edwards and Althea Fung
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The threat from cholera in post-quake Haiti is much higher than UN agencies projected, and the epidemic is likely to sicken close to 800,000 people and kill 11,000 of them, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday.

– Former First Lady Mildred Aristide on Her Historic Return to #Haiti: Democracy Now! Exclusive Report

– Democracy Now! Exclusive Interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide on Plane Returning to #Haiti. 1 of 3

– Haiti Abstains – low voter turnout in elections

-The Aftenposten 13: New Wikileaks Cables Show Extent of US Opposition to Aristide

Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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