Bradley Manning Newslinks 6 June 2011

6 June 2011 —

Quick News: Manning supporters rally at Kansas prison
Press TV
Hundreds of supporters of Bradley Manning converged at Leavenworth, Kan., Saturday to rally for the release of the Army private accused of leaking classified documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. Gathered outside the prison where Manning is …

US protesters want Manning released
Press TV
About 250 supporters of US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning march through
Leavenworth, Kansas to the gates of Fort Leavenworth where Manning is being
held, June, 4, 2011. Hundreds of Americans have gathered in Kansas to voice
their support for Bradley Manning …

Julian Assange accuses opponents of ‘middle-class squeamishness’ and says ‘no …
Daily Mail
Assange was heckled by festival-goers as he ducked a tough question about
Private Bradley Manning. The American soldier, accused of passing on
highly-sensitive material to the internet activist in 2009 is now in prison
for his trouble. …

FBI site hacked; NATO challenged
International Business Times AU
According to the NATO report, the US authorities suspect that the material
was leaked by Private Bradley Manning stationed in the Persian Gulf who
passed these files on to the “whistleblower” organization. Anonymous
earlier launched a campaign against …

Calling for a National Holiday in Recognition of Whistle Blowers and Profiles …
… some annual event or national holiday, our two or three branches of
government in Washington, DChave been going overboard arresting and
imprisoning American heroes, whistleblowers like Bradley Manning and Bradly
Birkenfeld, this past decade. …

Protesters Want WikiLeaks Suspect Released
The Army says Pfc. Bradley Manning leaked hundreds of thousands of
classified documents while serving as an intelligence specialist in Iraq.
He’s being held at Fort Leavenworth. Those at Saturday’s rally say Manning
should be released. …

Assange account of his jailing backfires
HAY-ON-WYE, Wales, June 5 (UPI) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was
heckled in Wales Sunday for comparing his brief jailing to the possible
life term of Pfc. Bradley Manning. Speaking at the Hay-on-Wye Festival of
Literature, the Australian …

SL Delegation at UN HRC directed to use ‘new ammo’
The (subscription)
State Department spokesman, Mark Toner’s predecessor, PJ Crowley had to
quit after publicly going against the position taken by the White House on
Wiki Leaks suspect, Bradley E. Manning, last March. Crowley went to the
extent of calling the treatment …

United States: Fresh attacks on WikiLeaks, Manning | Green Left Weekly
By stuart_m
These details had been linked to potential charges against Assange and US
soldier Bradley Manning, who has spent a year in jail without trial over
allegations he was responsible for leaking confident US military documents.

Third Estate Sunday Review: For the love of humanity, please stop …
By Third Estate Sunday Review
There are many ways we can defend Bradley Manning without convicting him.
Our collective refusal to abide by that goes to our own wants and desires.
Guess what? We’re not the ones accused, we’re not the ones going on trial.

Dialogue With a Young Communist
By Brad Spangler
I spoke at the Free Bradley Manning Rally in Leavenworth, KS yesterday. My
remarks were the front page of this document. Below is a lightly edited
copy of the followup conversation I’ve been having on Facebook with someone
who heard me … – Rational Review News Digest — the freedom …
By Thomas L. Knapp
“Emma Cape, member of Courage to Resist, discusses the Bradley Manning
support rally at Ft. Leavenworth on Saturday, June 4; the end of Manning’s
mistreatment in custody, thanks to the persistence of demonstrators,
writers and activists …

FBI Tried to Bribe Wikileaks Staff: Assange | Mostly Water
By blackandred
Mr Assange was heckled by the Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow as he answered a
question about Private Bradley Manning, who has been accused of leaking
secret documents to Wikileaks. Private Manning is currently being held in
Fort …

Julian Assange Says The FBI Tried To Bribe WikiLeaks
By Robert Johnson
He also signaled his organization’s willingness to break British super-
injunction law, as well as file for its own to protect WikiLeaks. Assange
expressed support for Bradley manning, who is accused of leaking documents
to WikiLeaks. …

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