Wikileaks Newslinks 6 June 2011: Wikileaks: Inside story of Megrahi’s return home

6 June 2011 —

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange wades into superinjunctions
The Wikileaks founder, who is currently fighting extradition to Sweden, where he has faced allegations of sexual assault, has decided to ruffle feathers by claiming that the FBI tried to bribe the organisation’s staff. That’s according to the Daily …

WikiLeaks: Indian Army & Siachen
Pakistan Observer
Amid the WikiLeaks disclosed the fact Indian army was engaged in extra
judicial killing in Indian held Kashmir the Pak-India talks on Siachen
couldn’t achieve success due to Indian army’s resistance. Ironically when
Pakistan was interested to reach to …

Wikileaks: Inside story of Megrahi’s return home
By Kenny Farquharson COLONEL Muammar al-Gaddafi’s motive for giving a
hero’s welcome to freed Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi
is revealed today in secret US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks and
seen by The Scotsman. …

Wikileaks: US anger at Gordon Brown’s Iraq withdrawal
By Kenny Farquharson A DAMNING verdict on Gordon Brown’s handling of the
war in Iraq is revealed in secret US diplomatic cables obtained by
WikiLeaks and seen by Scotland on Sunday. The cables accuse the former
Prime Minister of pulling British troops …

Pak crossed a red line with missing persons: WikiLeaks
Pakistan Observer
Karachi—A leaked cable by the whistleblower WikiLeaks has revealed that
the US thought that the Pakistani government crossed a red line in its
pursuit of the war on terror and against Baloch and Sindhi political
activists. A cable (ID: 95737) sent by …

WikiLeaks reveals what the US really thinks of Ireland
But now we know what the American administration really thinks about us,
thanks to the leaking of hundreds of confidential cables from the US
Embassy in Dublin by the whistle-blowing organization WikiLeaks. Messages
sent to Washington by American …

WikiLeaks: Oversized, inefficient … Irish verdict on NI civil service
Belfast Telegraph
I know there are probably pockets of excellence, but I don’t know if I can
disagree with the general gist of this. That said, I haven’t heard too many
of my non-public sector mates down south say many good words about their
own lot, who, by and large, …

US closely monitors Ireland’s 40000 Muslim community
Irish Independent
The dossiers came to light in the Ireland Cables – a tranche of over 1900
US embassy cables exclusively obtained by the Irish Independent from the
whistle-blowing organisation WikiLeaks. This agreement involved no
financial transaction or any monetary …

Wikileaks: Nurses: Tortured into confessing, later released
IN 1998 a Libyan magazine revealed that the El-Fatih Children’s Hospital in
Benghazi had the world’s highest rate of children who had been infected
with HIV while in clinical care. More than 426 infants and young children
had been infected. …

Abi Ramia responds to alleged WikiLeaks cable
Change and Reform bloc MP Simon Abi Ramia on Monday responded to a report
published in Al-Akhbar newspaper quoting a WikiLeaks cable in which the MP
speaks against Hezbollah. Abi Ramia asked officials in the US Embassy in
France to consider that Free …

O Cuiv should think before aiming darts
Irish Independent
I assume he was referring to Mr Gilmore’s reputed stance on the Lisbon 2
matter which emerged from Wikileaks. However, Mr O Cuiv famously campaigned
for a Yes vote on Nice 1 and, after its referendum defeat, proclaimed he
had voted No. …

WikiLeaks: Northern Ireland ‘a gateway to Ireland for prostitutes, pimps and …
Albuquerque Express
Northern Ireland was identified as a key gateway for criminal gangs
involved in people trafficking and illegal immigration. Experts believed
the region was being used to move women from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa
and South America into Ireland for …

WINNING: The Great Pretenders
Strategy Page
June 6, 2011: Wikileaks documents have recently revealed that the US did
not believe that Pakistan, even with more American F-16 fighters (and
upgrades to older Pakistani fighters) would significantly change air
superiority situation along the Indian …

Malema Praise Of Mbeki In Defiance Of Zuma?
In a recent cable by whistleblowing site Wikileaks it is alleged that ANC
Youth League President Julius Malema believed that South African President
Jacob Zuma had previously been the victim of a conspiracy and that former
President Thabo Mbeki had …

The business value of balancing openness with security to manage risk
The Wikileaks controversy has highlighted that managing the needs of the
state, the business organisation and the individual is a highly complex
balancing act, but as the value of data continues to grow exponentially,
how do we establish and maintain a …

Why are we so afraid of what America thinks of us?
Jamaica Observer
If there were any doubts that we are afraid of the United States and how it
feels toward us, reactions to the WikiLeaks cables should have removed
them. The sad irony, it seems though, is that we do not give a damn about
any incorrectness or …

Hackers to the Rescue
… has been steadily gaining gound in the political arena, especially
since the emergence of Anonymous, the online activist group that famously
hacked their way into Amazon, eBay and various countries’ government
websites in support of Wikileaks. …

Letter comments on detention of spiritual leader by Indian authorities
The National
(WikiLeaks chief says no harm done by documents, June 5). First, he can’t
know that. Second, it may be that serious harm has been done to the whole
fabric of diplomacy. If leaders cannot communicate with each other
privately, they may communicate much …

Online protection rules “anything but global”
New Europe
Against a backdrop of Wikileaks, Twitter privacy violations and an ongoing
EU revision of the Data Protection Act, Wim Nauwelaerts, an attorney for
Hunton and Williams, acknowledges the current difficulties in transposing
data protection law across …

Oil Sands Regulatory Fight Heats Up in Canada
And, according to the Wikileaks cable, the Obama administration is
considering a moratorium on new oil sands development due to increasing
global criticism of the area’s proceedings. The conflict comes between the
Canadian federal government, …

Virtual armies: The unknown opponent
New Europe
WikiLeaks releases of confidential information is clearly a challenge for
NATO, but after 9/11, the US became more active at sharing information
within its many departments. This means that, through the US Department of
Defence’s SIPRNet, …

Gagging orders: what else is being hidden from us?
Grimsby Telegraph
According to WikiLeaks, “the Guardian (had) been served with ten secret gag
orders – so-called “super-injunctions” – between January and September
2009. In 2008, the paper was served with six. In 2007, five.” There is a
thin line between freedom of …

SPJ Gets Caught With Its Email Down
Canada Free Press
According to FishbowlLA, San Diego CityBeat reporter Dave Maass decided to
dig into the chapter’s emails after he felt slighted for being passed on
for a local SPJ panel on the WikiLeaks cables about which he had
extensively reported. …

Wikileaks: US Ambassador called Gerry Adams ‘absurd’
Irish Central
A top US diplomat called Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams “absurd” and
“disingenuous,” according to a leaked diplomatic cable released to the
Belfast Telegraph by WikiLeaks. The remarks from US Ambassador James Kenny
came after Adams had claimed there …

WHAT THE PAPERS SAY – Abuse of power and erosion of democracy
Newsroom Panama
… of two judges by the president the predictions made by the former US
ambassador Barbara Stephenson -in reports leaked by WikiLeaks – on the
weakness of democracy in Panama and the enormous risk of abuse of power,
could not have been more accurate. …

We must help Vanunu live in peace
The Guardian
Last week, Julian Assange was awarded the Martha Gellhorn prize for
journalism for his work with WikiLeaks. The award recognised that the
leaking of information about secret governmental activity – wherever that
government may be – makes for a better …

Analysis: The hidden cost of cybercrime
CNN International
Just as WikiLeaks damaged US foreign policy through thousands of
confidential cables apparently stolen by one US soldier and released to the
media in November, companies are increasingly under risk by rogue attacks
from employees or by outside attack. …

Honk if you support Saudi women drivers
Christian Science Monitor (blog)
“Wikileaks” reveals that US diplomats have made this appeal in private, but
to no avail. The group is making a similar appeal to the European Union’s
top foreign affairs official, Catherine Ashton. That would be a welcome,
supportive step, …

Nigerian speaker Dimeji Bankole arrested
The Guardian
A US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks shows diplomats have questioned
new agency leader Farida Waziri’s preparedness and willingness to take on
the country’s powerful political elite. Waziri has been slow to prosecute
many of the high-ranking …

India: after Osama
And from the US diplomatic cables obtained and published by Wikileaks, it
is clear that regardless of what they might have said publicly America’s
representatives in the region have never been naive about Pakistan’s role
in encouraging terrorists. …

Mexican Politician Detained on Gun Charges
Wall Street Journal
A 2009 WikiLeaks cable signed by the US consul in Tijuana says “Hank is
widely believed to have been a corrupt mayor and to be still involved in
narco-trafficking.” The cable recounts how Baja California state police
refused to follow an alleged drug …

Julian Assange wins Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism
“WikiLeaks has been portrayed as a phenomenon of the hi-tech age, which
it is. But it’s much more. Its goal of justice through transparency is in
the oldest and finest tradition of journalism. “WikiLeaks has given the
public more scoops than most …

Hay Festival 2011: Why people flock to a muddy field in Wales
We were all gripped by the chance to see Julian Assange and hear his cogent
defence of WikiLeaks. The sheer size of the Hay Festival means that the
list of those we have missed – including Philip Pullman, Howard Jacobson,
and Simon Schama – is just as …

Hacking exposes vulnerability of electronic data
The release of hundreds of thousands of sensitive government documents by
WikiLeaks since last year has emphasised the vulnerability of electronic
data. Paul Wright, MEA principal consultant forensic and investigative
response for Verizon, …

The struggle for succession in Yemen
A 2005 US embassy cable, released by WikiLeaks, described him as the “most
powerful military man in the land”. He defected in March, ordering troops
under his command to protect peaceful protesters in Sanaa and elsewhere,
and his men have clashed on …

EDITORIAL: LulzSec Targets Elderly in the Wake of Latest Sony Hacks
Where as they had to slave over kernel vulnerabilities in their recent
pro-Wikileaks attack on news organization PBS, they were able to exploit
Sony with an SQL injection attack — a method that takes advantage of
sloppy coding in handling URL requests …

EDITORIAL: Ilyas Kashmiri: end of a terrorist
Pakistan Daily Times
They started when General Musharraf was in power and according to
diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks, even chief of army staff General
Kayani and Prime Minister Gilani supported these strikes in private while
speaking against them in public. …

WikiLeaks: Indian Army and Siachen | Opinion Maker
By Yousaf Alamgirian
By Yousaf Alamgirian Amid the WikiLeaks disclosed the fact Indian army was
engaged in extra judicial killing in Indian held Kashmir the Pak-India
talks on.

2011-06-06 Dublin Wikileaks Cables Reveal Irish Govt. Groveling to …
By WL Central
Like many of the cables from around the world, the Dublin cables so far
revealed through Wikileaks show US diplomats effectively united with their
local counterparts against a common enemy: the people – whether the
people take the form …

The Lockerbie Case: WikiLeaks Megrahi cables in The Scotsman
By Robert Black
[The Scotsman newspaper today runs a series of stories based on WikiLeaks
cables covering US anticipation of and reaction to the compassionate
release of Abdelbaset Megrahi in August 2009. The principal report,
headlined Wikileaks: …

Just more evidence that Wikileaks is false-flag public journalism …
By conspiracy
Offbeat. Monday, June 6th, 2011 12:24 am GMT +00:00 12:24 AM. Just more
evidence that Wikileaks is false-flag public journalism. Offbeat. Monday,
June 6th, 2011 12:19 am GMT +00:00 12:19 AM. Will Cyber World War I be
outsourced? …

WIKILEAKS: Malaysia’s New Economic Model
By Super Admin
Malaysia Today. Independent News Portal in Malaysia. Read the latest news
in the country covering issue on politics, business, lifestyle, community,
and so much more.

The Greanville Post “ Dublin Wikileaks Cables Reveal Irish Govt …
By Posted by Addison dePitt
A cable written by Kenny in 2006 and published by Wikileaks late last year
admits that “the airport [is] a symbol of Irish complicity in perceived
U.S. wrongdoing in the Gulf/Middle East” and that “popular sentiment
was manifest in the …

Jon Slattery: Scotland on Sunday publishes WikiLeaks cables
By Jon Slattery
Scotland on Sunday publishes WikiLeaks cables. Secret US diplomatic cables
on the war in Iraq have been made available to Scotland on Sunday and The
Scotsman by WikiLeaks. Scotland on Sunday describes the cables, which the
paper has put …

Wikileaks and #superinjunction busting versus Bruce Wayne
By Andrew
There’s a lot to be said for the freedom of free speach. There’s also a lot
to be said in stopping the super rich using the courts as their own play
thing. Mind.

CIME Blog: How does Wikileaks effect journalism?
The concept of Wikileaks was to make classified information available for
the proader public. However, this meant a huge amount of raw data and
information. The public obviously does not read all these materials but
they tend to read …

Media Lens Message Board: Wikileaks: U.S. Fought To Lower Minimum …
Media Lens Message Board [ Post a Response | Media Lens Message Board ].
Wikileaks: U.S. Fought To Lower Minimum Wage In Haiti. Posted by Anton on
June 5 , 2011, 10:08 pm. Business as usual then. …

WikiLeaks: Indian Army and Siachen in Kashmir | SHOAH
By admin
Amid the WikiLeaks disclosed the fact Indian army was engaged in extra
judicial killing in Indian held Kashmir the Pak-India talks on Siachen
couldn’t achieve success due to Indian army’s resistance. Ironically when
Pakistan was …

SAOIRSE32 :: WikiLeaks: British Government outed Denis Donaldson …
By micheailin
His remarks are detailed in a confidential cable released by the
whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks. It is published on day five of the
Belfast Telegraph’s serialisation of the Northern Ireland cables. The
revelation in late 2005 that …

Wikileaks Cables Say No Bloodshed Inside Tiananmen Square – Slashdot
netchaos writes “Secret cables from the United States embassy in Beijing
have shown there was no bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square when China put
down …

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