exiledsurfer has a conversation with Adrian Lamo

6 June 2011 — Artificialeyes.tv

Isn’t that always the way that it is? everything works until the moment that it is important to work…I had originally intended to record this conversation using the screen capture program ishowu, which has in the past functioned flawlessly for me, so i didnt even check it before starting the interview with Adrian Lamo.

And i got the weirdest error ever…so rather than go through an explanation of what i tried to do to get it to work again under the stress of Adrian waiting for me on one battery for his laptop, i’ll just tell you what i did:

the ultra hack: putting a small snappy camera on a pack of cigarettes on my laptop, and shooting it from the screen. the vid quality sucks, but the sound is fine. The tech problem totally threw me off, and i can’t say this is my best interview- lets call it therefore a conversation – and it doesn’t include the first 15 minutes we talked, because i didn’t notice that the cam was on photo mode…

ach. But Lamo didn’t say anything in these first fifteen minutes that he didn’t repeat later in the conversation. the recording is uploaded UNEDITED, and UNREDACTED, in two parts, messed up as it is technically and incomplete due to me being out of it…

i apologize to you all, and to Lamo, for my total lack of competence; I would be fired at any organization for something like this, but i guess we all have our stories to tell about why shit went wrong.

I make NO comments here about what he talks about, in order not to prejudice your own opinion of what he has to say. The first part is 20 mins long, ending when Lamo’s battery died, part two is 31 mins long, after he borrowed a power cable from someone else in the room. The second part of the interview ends abruptly because the snappy cam battery died. Comments are disabled on my domain because i just don’t want to deal with the spam, if you have any comments regarding how i conducted the interview, or what you think about Adrian Lamo’s statements, please post them to me or him on twitter.

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