Wikileaks Newslinks 9 June 2011

9 June 2011 —

US had asked Zardari not to humiliate Musharraf: WikiLeaks
Hindustan Times
PTI The US had asked Pakistani leadership not to humiliate Pervez Musharraf after he stepped down as the country’s President on the promise of indemnity against prosecution, according to WikiLeaks cables. “Don’t humiliate Musharraf. …

WikiLeaks Confirms North American Integration Scheme
The New American
Written in 2005, the cable released recently by WikiLeaks explains how
“integration” should proceed. And looking back, the document is right
on the mark. The best way forward, it argues, is via gradual steps. Under
the subject line “Placing a new North …

Former Navy SEAL Helms CNN WikiLeaks Doc
Wired News (blog)
By Kim Zetter Yet another documentary about WikiLeaks and its founder
Julian Assange is set to hit the airways this Sunday. CNN’s WikiWars –
The Mission of Julian Assange does a good job of tying together all of the
events of the last year and …

Wikileaks on Harper, America, and the “transformational agenda”
By Alison@Creekside An embassy cable written by US Ambassador David Wilkins
the day the Cons were first elected in 2006 suggests Harper would be useful
in advancing the US agenda for Canada and that giving him “ a success
story” like the softwood …

Wikileaks did the US a favour
Online whistleblowing site, Wikileaks did the US a favour by exposing how
nasty foreigners really are, according to a former presidential advisor.
Professor Mike Nelson who helped Barack Obama get elected and was Al Gore’s
science advisor said that …

WikiLeaks says more juveniles in Guantanamo
Press TV
An investigation of Detainee Assessment Briefs (DAB) and other classified
documents published by WikiLeaks reveals that fifteen juveniles were
detained at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, three more than the US State
Department publicly acknowledged. …

Wikileaks: Triads smuggled women into Irish sex trade
Two separate Chinese Triad crime gangs were actively smuggling women into
Ireland where they were put to work in the sex trade, US cables published
by wikileaks have revealed. The Irish Independent has been teasing us with
a drip-feed of stories around …

Six Apart Releases Movable Type Updates To Plug Security Holes, Following PBS Hack
Washington Post
Hackers aligned with WikiLeaks at the end of May managed to break into and
deface the US broadcaster’s website after it had aired a controversial
documentary called WikiSecrets about the whistle-blowing site. LulzSec, the
hacker group that claimed …

Jesse Ventura Says He Would Abolish U.S. Income Tax
Washington Post
Ventura also discusses the Anthony Weiner and WikiLeaks scandals. He speaks
with Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source:
Bloomberg) (/Bloomberg) Correction: Clarification: Comments our editors
find particularly useful or relevant …

Investigation into prof’s call for Assange’s assassination dropped
Open File
The University of Calgary’s Tom Flanagan calling for Wikileaks founder
Julian Assange to be assassinated. University of Calgary political
scientist Tom Flanagan apologizes (at 4:10 in) for his remarks regarding
Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange. …

Witnesses saw Exxon decision injustice
Homer Tribune
By Findlay Abbott Wikileaks has revealed that Exxon Mobile worked directly
to help thwart a deal Hugo Chavez offered to Haiti which would have brought
electricity and cheap fuel to the people of Haiti. Exxon shaping and
enacting United States foreign …

Attacks on Sony, others show it’s open hacking season
But the group really made its mark when it championed the cause of
whistleblower site WikiLeaks last year. Anonymous organized a series of
attacks against PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and other companies that had
stopped enabling contributions to …

Unsafe Pakistan nuclear arsenal
Times of India
The documents released by WikiLeaks have brought it out clearly. The US
had, in fact, expressed its concern even before the attack on Pak Army
Headquarters in 2009. The US under secretary in his meeting with UK foreign
secretary and DG Defence …

Depletion of North Sea reserves to affect heating oil prices?
This is because, according to a diplomatic cable obtained by WikiLeaks and
reported by the Scotsman, concerns have been raised that the North Sea is
running out of the resource. The 2008 memo from then energy minister
Malcolm Wicks to the US government …

Freedom’s tools serving predators
Hattiesburg American
China, fearing freedom, has blocked public access to WikiLeaks, YouTube,
Facebook and numerous blogs and web sources. Now the penultimate tool of
freedom, the Internet provides instant access to information, databases and
more. …

CableGate Leak: Gaddafi’s Pen Pal is Obama
Glossy News (satire)
The latest round of CableGate documents to filter out from the sexually
embattled whistle blower site Wikileaks has Arab leaders in disbelief.
According to the published cables, there is a direct connection between the
Libyan Leader Muammar* Gadhafi …

GovConExec Magazine Examines ‘Insider Threat’ to Government, Private Sector
GovConExec, which traces the phenomenon from the 1980s Cold War spy heyday
to the WikiLeaks document dump, provides a look into what the threat means
for federal cybersecurity efforts and how government contractors are
increasingly playing a role in …

Why Doctors Should Disclose Their Mistakes
Huffington Post (blog)
These days, though, in an era of Wikileaks, video surveillance cameras and
consumer protections, it’s hard for organizations and individuals to keep
secrets, even if they want to. Doctors and hospitals are finding that when
they make a mistake, …

Technology and tolerance
Hurriyet Daily News
… 2011 Wisconsin protests; 2011 Bank of America document release;
Wikileaks defense and attack on credit card companies who stopped wiring
donations to Wikileaks; and the last and their finest Operation Sony, which
cost Sony billions of dollars. …

Majority of Lithuanian-Americans disappointed with Grybauskaite
Baltic Times
According to WikiLeaks’ leaked information, Lithuanian President
Grybauskaite is supposedly “disappointed by Lithuanian emigres’ inability
to attract US-based investments to Lithuania.” How do you comment on
that? The Lithuanians abroad have brought …

Diplomat nominated as ambassador to Mexico
Los Angeles Times
But the cables, made public by WikiLeaks, bluntly described the drug war as
an effort slowed by interagency rivalries, a risk-averse Mexican army and
delays by police in acting on tips from American agents. Although the
leaked assessments were largely …,0,7217151.story

New Ken Loach film to be premiered in Galway
Galway Advertiser
“In the context of the recent Wikileaks revelations concerning Shannon
Airport’s vital role in the USA’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this film is
a must-see for an Irish audience,” he said. The screening is being
organised by the Galway Alliance …

Apple iCloud: the criticism
The New Yorker agrees: “But how do you know that these companies are
going to keep your e-mail, photographs, dissertation research, financial
records, or notes on an article about the next Wikileaks from other
corporations or from hackers or from …

In “borderless” cyberspace, nation states struggle
Thrown into the mix are a handful of non-state groups — such as
Anonymous, which targeted websites such as MasterCard they believed were
implicated in attempts to block WikiLeaks — willing to mount their own
cyber attacks. Analysts say militant …

Debate swirls over Bin Laden successor
Rubaish’s Guantánamo intelligence profile, made public by WikiLeaks, casts
him as an al Qaeda-trained Saudi who went to Afghanistan to fight the
Russians in Chechnya but instead joined with the Taliban and then fled to
Tora Bora with bin Laden and …

New York Times Staffers Buzzing About Next Washington Bureau Chief
Huffington Post
For instance, before the Times published its first WikiLeaks-related
stories last year, Baquet headed to the White House with a couple of
reporters to discuss the Obama administration’s national security concerns.
Baquet told the curious Times staffers …

US urges code of conduct for Internet commerce
And the hacker group has said it defaced the US Public Broadcasting Service
network websites to protest a documentary about secrets publisher
WikiLeaks. On Wednesday, Lulz tweeted that it had attacked the website of a
computer security firm which had …

Lupe Fiasco: President Obama is The World’s “Biggest Terrorist”
Crave Online
It’s not exactly Wikileaks material to provide an anecdotal narrative
damnation of our government’s tactics, but the repercussions could be
severe. Revered Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali, long known for his
positive-principle “street preaching,” has …

Sarah Palin’s emails: What to expect
Washington Post (blog)
In 2008, a college student named David Kernell hacked into Palin’s Yahoo
account and posted some of her communications on He argued
that the emails were part of the public record and thus he did not commit a
crime; he was sentenced to …

Is Germany’s Transatlantic Relationship Still Relevant?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Nor have transatlantic ties been helped by comments published on
Wikileaks—allegedly from the US Embassy in Berlin—describing Mrs.
Merkel as “risk averse and rarely creative” and Foreign Minister Guido
Westerwelle as incompetent, vain and critical of …

Jordanian prince mediates Iranian-FIFA dispute in rare gesture toward Iran
A 2009 US diplomatic cable disclosed by WikiLeaks concluded that the
president’s efforts had only limited success. The Iranian president went as
far as in 2006 lifting the ban on women watching soccer matches in Iranian
stadia, but in a rare public …

MIFF Gets the Scoop on Page One: Inside the New York Times
Controversy over the way WikiLeaks operates is covered with input from it’s
founder, Julian Assange. The relevance of Twitter is discussed. We see a
staff meeting which covers the way the media and networks are reporting
events. …

Fresh Attacks on WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning | Mostly Water
By blackandred
The editor-in-chief of whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, Julian Assange,
told the Belfast Telegraph that the United States was working behind the
scenes to put WikiLeaks and himself out of business. …

Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables Thread Continued
By Drew Wilson
I don’t know who just locked the other thread or why, but I’m posting these
stories here for now: Within a year, Bahamians will again be voting for a
government. The third non-consecutive term of the Free National Movement
(FNM) in …

Julian Assange’s Lawyer Speaks About Wikileaks And Digital …
By Angharad Law
Weisenhaus pointed out that if you google ‘Wikileaks’ you get 16 million
results and if you google ‘Julian Assange’ you get 22 million results. This
shows the phenomenal interest in both the man and the company. …

Before WikiLeaks, TransAfrica Was There | TransAfrica
By nora
Thirty years before WikiLeaks, TransAfrica boldly brought behind the scenes
politics into the light so that all Americans could know the truth about
policies made in their names. TransAfrica released all the State Department
memos in a …

“…5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head …
By admin
Between Collateral Murder, the Iraq War Logs, the Afghan War Diary, and
Cablegate, it appeared as though 2010 would go down in history as the most
shocking year in WikiLeaks revelations. Americans discovered that
trigger-happy soldiers …

Press Releases: 06/08/11 “ Inside Cable News
By icn2
Exposing everything from secret war logs, to diplomatic cables, to
explosive videos, the 39-year-old Australian founder of the whistle-blower
website WikiLeaks has been called both a hero and a villain. …

Digital Distractions: Innovative Technology Writing from Yale …
By Yale University Press London
From Micah L Sifry’s analysis of WikiLeaks to Joseph Turow’s investigation
into the future of digital advertising, the following books should appeal
to both novices and technophiles alike. Wikileaks and the Age of
Transparency …

5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head …
Is 2011 capable of exceeding 2010’s revelations? And what discoveries in
2011 has WikiLeaks unearthed thus far?—_and_that_the_media_are_ignoring/

WikiLeaks In New Legal Battle – Slashdot
geegel writes “The US Justice Department is now fighting in court demands
from three WikiLeaks associates to disclose the names of several electronic

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