Wikileaks Newslinks 12 June 2011

12 June 2011 —

A new documentary peers into the WikiLeaks founder’s cyber-netherworld
By Glenn Garvin WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says his life has a single, simple purpose: “I like crushing bastards.” That sentiment sounds noble, until you find out just how flexible his definition of “bastards” is. “All of us came across material …

Wiping away whistle-blowers’ online fingerprints
By Dana Rosenblatt, CNN More organizations are starting WikiLeaks-type websites — but not all will protect whistle-blowers’ identities. CNN takes you into the private world of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Watch “WikiWars: The Mission of Julian …

BB had US support, clearance: President Zardari/Wikileaks
The News International
KARACHI: Asif Ali Zardari, expressing his views said, “ US is “our safety blanket” and recounted how Benazir had returned despite the threats against her because of support and “clearance” from the US, according to the whistleblower Wikileaks’ …

WikiLeaks: Sharif asked US to provide him security
The Express Tribune
PHOTO: FILE New WikiLeaks cable revealed that the PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif wanted the US government to provide him personal security. However he was advised by the US embassy that besides being illegal it would be politically incorrect to do such a …

EDITORIAL: WikiLeaks leaves America shining
Jamaica Gleaner
At the very least, these cables, made available by the online transparency organisation, WikiLeaks, and reported on by this newspaper, underline America’s interest in and support for our country. Moreover, analysed with dispassion, the unvarnished …

Does Wikileaks Matter?
ABC Online
A panel of leading thinkers including Rob Manne, Guy Rundle, Eleanor Townsley and Peter Vale, will consider the impact of Wikileaks along with the implications of Wikileaks for access to information, security, and innovation at this public forum. …

Libya and Its Sweet, Sweet Crude
Mother Jones
And pretty much the entire source for the piece was the cache of diplomatic cables released last year by WikiLeaks. Here’s a sample in the order they show up in the story: In late February 2008, [ConocoPhillips chief executive Jim Mulva] was “summoned …

US worried over Taiwan’s exports to Iran: WikiLeaks
Taipei Times
By Shih Hsiu-chuan / Staff Reporter Cables released by WikiLeaks showed
Taiwanese companies involved in exports to help weapons development
applications in Iran had prompted the US to request the American Institute
in Taiwan (AIT) to raise its concerns …

Wikileaks in 2009: DANS Does Nothing
Standart News
The cable was published by Wikileaks and Bivola site. average person sees
massive flouting of the law. Gangsters, thugs, and mutri (shady
businessmen) in expensive cars show off their ill-gotten wealth. They
easily slip through the cumbersome and …

Reality exposed, critics’ eyes should open now! Jang Group faced allegations …
The News International
ISLAMABAD: A spokesman of the Jang Group has contradicted the allegations
levelled by the US Embassy in the shape of whatever has appeared in the
press with reference to WikiLeaks in the last few days. Jang Group has made
it clear that Dawn had …

From zero to hero may be too big an ask, even for CJ
Irish Independent
THE Irish WikiLeaks cables did not tell us much that was astoundingly new,
but one of them re-ignited an old debate likely to preoccupy us in the
future. In one of the leaked cables we got a secondhand report of a
conversation between the US ambassador …

Selecting a Cabinet: character matters
Jamaica Gleaner
One WikiLeaks cable captures this. Speaking of Golding’s first Cabinet, it
said, “He has not been able to have a Cabinet of true loyalists because of
the need to satisfy other elements of the party in the distribution of
power and portfolios. …

Hu Jintao eager for Taiwan legacy
Taipei Times
Meanwhile, another cable recently released by WikiLeaks, dated Jan. 6,
2009, also from the US embassy in Beijing, offered insights from Clark
Randt, US ambassador to China from July 2001 to January 2009, on the
US-China relationship, to mark the 30 …

PPP had offered Chattha CMship of Punjab: Leak
The News International
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had offered the slot of chief
minister Punjab to Hamid Nasir Chattha with an aim to win his support for
getting Asif Ali Zardari elected as President, said a US Embassy cable
leaked by WikiLeaks on Saturday. …

Haiti: US opposed minimum wage rise, cables show
Green Left Weekly
The cables, provided by WikiLeaks, show that behind the scenes, factory
owners were vigorously backed by the US Agency for International
Development (USAID) and the US embassy. Before the rise, the minimum daily
wage was $1.75 a day. …

The Queen celebrates birthday with military parade
According to the The Sacramento Bee, the Queen awarded a set of honors to
actors, civil servants, scholars, and sportsmen including actor Colin Firth
and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. According to the Associated Press,
these honors are bestowed …

Bishop Eddie Long’s fall to disgrace
The Guardian
Makes you want to dash over to the Wikileaks site right now doesn’t it. I
live Atlanta, Eddie Long’s megachurch is based here, and it’s definitely
been in the news a LOT. Maybe CautiousOptimist isn’t from the south? It’s
been all over the news and …

Hacker group members held in Spain
Radio New Zealand
Anonymous has previously claimed responsibility for attacks on Sony and
coordinated action in defence of WikiLeaks. High tech crime unit chief
Manuel Vazquez said Anonymous hackers pose great threats to international
security. ”In a recent brief, …

Sun-shades on 24/7
Sri Lanka Guardian
What can you expect from a stubborn old hack who is now scouring Wikileaks
to prove that Tiananmen massacre did not happen and therefore civilians
were not killed in their thousands by the government. He conveniently
misses out that Wikileaks also said …

US to declassify Pentagon Papers
Boston Globe
They note that tens of thousands of the classified diplomatic cables
released by WikiLeaks also remain classified. “The fact that the Pentagon
Papers were still secret is an embarrassment to the United States
government,” said John Prados, …

WWF style fake wrestling between Kayani and Panetta
Todays Views
Kayani was heard on Wikileaks specifically asking for more drone strikes.
General Kayani, you cant hunt with the hound and then run with the fox.
Neither you, nor General Pasha have come clean on bases given to the US,
and you have not come clean on …

Weekly World News (satire)
Wikileaks documents have indicated that Saudi Arabia’s reserves have been
wildly overestimated. The cables, released by WikiLeaks, urge Washington to
take seriously a warning from a senior Saudi government oil executive that
the kingdom’s crude oil …

Can Refrigerators Start a Revolution?
Excerpts from US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks in 2008 shined
further light on the extent of Egypt’s military involvement in private
business. From refrigerators to luxury resorts, frying pans to sweatshirts,
the Egyptian military controls as …

Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime
Jamaica Gleaner
So while the media may obsess about WikiLeaks, Manatt enquiry and Cabinet
reshuffle sideshows, the greatest question facing this country must be:
‘How can we make sure the murder rate not only stays down, but falls even
further? …

Do businesses practice ‘sloppy’ security, or is cyber crime on the rise?
… has claimed responsibility for some of the attacks on Sony, as well a
recent attack on PBS, which included leaked passwords and a fake story that
Tupac is still alive, in response to what they claimed was biased Frontline
story on WikiLeaks. …

As It Stands: Food conspiracy of government and chemical companies grows every …
Their complicity was never more obvious than when Wikileaks released
documents on how Monsanto and the US government teamed up to compel Spain
to lift their ban on GMO products. At one point, Monsanto and the US
government used the World Bank to …

What goes around comes around
Jamaica Observer
The current PM is angry with the WikiLeaks revelations and says they are
the result of some malicious agenda (seemingly referring to The Gleaner).
He does not remember that when the PNP was in power during the 1970s, then
PM Michael Manley accused that …

View from US: Burst the political bubble, oh really!
Another WikiLeaks in the pipeline? The economic crisis currently facing
America, many say, is because of the lobbyists in Washington who will not
allow President Obama to take decisions in public interest. Most
legislation is geared towards making the …

PrometheeFeu’s Favorite Techdirt Posts Of The Week
Thankfully, the successes are mixed with Wikileaks “associates” (as in they
might get Facebook to recommend they friend Assange’s third cousin thrice
removed) potentially being criminalized for not testifying, and the
prosecution against Thomas Drake …

Palin Front and Center . . . Again
U.S. Election News
This is not WikiLeaks. This is not the conduct of the war in Afghanistan or
the war in Iraq.” But whether it was the wild goose chase of her One
Nation family vacation/tour, or speculations concerning her supposed
purchase of a home in Arizona, …

Ethics and international affairs
Times of Malta
However, it seems likely that the story will turn out to be similar to that
of Julian Assange of Wikileaks. His accuser said that women tend to say
“no” to a seducer’s advances but then let him do as he pleases, because
they are flattered, timid, …

Week in tech: surfing the IPv6 Internet using in-flight WiFi
Ars Technica
But reading NATO’s new report on “Information and National Security,” you
might get the impression that the big enemy these days is WikiLeaks and
Anonymous. Tenn. law bans posting images that “cause emotional distress”:
Tennessee recently enacted …

Egalitarianism and zoning
Nigeria Daily Independent
People who know should now get involved with generating positive volitions
for nature to complete its work. It is futile to conserve the errors of the
past. Everything shall be available for human scrutiny. Wikileaks is
evidence of light into all …

Where a story can cost you your life
… media freedom in Mexico continues to deteriorate as a newspaper’s
building is attacked and a missing journalist’s body is discovered;
Wikileaks frontman, Julian Assange receives the prestigious Martha Gelhorn
prize for journalism; and the New York …

Queen honors Colin Firth in birthday list
China Post
Media lawyer Mark Stephens, 54, known for his high-profile defense of
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, was awarded a CBE. The British honors
system is one of the oldest in the world and the awards are handed out
twice a year, on the queen’s official …

LulzSec posts email addresses, passwords for 26000 porn site users
While it attacked the PBS website over a WikiLeaks documentary that LulzSec
objected to, it attacked Sony to embarrass the company, still reeling from
its PSN hack from April, and attacked Infragard because of the White
House’s purported war on hackers …

The Alarming Growth of Global Cyber Menace – Hacking
Asian Tribune
Anonymous has been in the habit of hacking into government websites in
order to teach them a ‘lesson’; it was at its peak of activities, known as
‘hacktivity’, when Wikileaks were coming out in dribs and drabs. LulzSec,
meanwhile, claims that since fun …

Quick News – Headshot, Larry Crowne trailer, Troll Hunter redo
Rowan Joffe (“The American”) is writing the screenplay for HBO’s
untitled Wikileaks movie. Kathleen Kennedy (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
is producing. (More…) Damon Lindelof will write and produce a large-scale
science-fiction film for Disney. …

The BRAD BLOG : WikiLeaks Cables: War on Libya Is About Oil
By Brad Friedman
WikiLeaks Cables: War on Libya Is About Oil. … WikiLeaks / Julian
Assange… Obama Lied (About WikiLeaks), Nobody Died. • Should US Pols,
Pundits be Charged for ‘Incitement to Murder’? • Lawless ‘Unitary
Executive’ Policy Home to …

WikiLeaks and the 22 Children of Guantánamo | Andy Worthington
By Andy Worthington
My new research coincides with a new report by the UC Davis Center for the
Study of Human Rights in the Americas, “Guantánamo’s Children: The
WikiLeaked Testimonies,” drawing on the recent release, by WikiLeaks, of
classified military …

WikiLeaks: Sharif asked US to provide him security
By Dance
New WikiLeaks cable revealed that the PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif wanted the
US government to provide him personal security. However he was advised by.

Charlie Beckett, POLIS Director » Blog Archive » After WikiLeaks …
By CharlieBeckett
The “After WikiLeaks” panel discussion at the Polis Journalism
Conference was inspiring in many ways. Firstly, because it dealt with
questions of journalistic challenges that have resulted from the
information leaks. …

How WikiLeaks has changed today’s media, a summary – :: Future of …
By Steffen Konrath
CNN :: The initial idea of Wikileaks and a protected place for anonymous
actions of conscience still retains power although Assange is looking
increasingly like he is out of secrets and out of move. Julian Assange once
described …

WikiLeaks | The Sunday Leader
By admin
WikiLeaks. from Java Jones had written
something on the last round of Wikileaks revelations. He felt that the
leaks were helpful, I disagreed and wrote a reply that kept growing longer
so I decided to …

latoyi – ‘Anonymous’ Alerts NATO: ‘This Is No More Your World’
By latoyi
The resulting scams weren’t a direct result Anonymous’ or Wikileaks’ facts,
these were caused by this content of individuals facts. And responsibility
for your content could be laid exclusively in the doorstep of policymakers
who, …

Wikileaks Cables: U.S. Companies, Diplomats Fought To Prevent …
Wikileaks Cables: U.S. Companies, Diplomats Fought To Prevent Minimum Wage
Increase In Haiti’s Textiles Factories. By Zaid Jilani on Jun 8, 2011 at
2:02 pm …

Twitter / WikiLeaks: Namecoin and Bitcoin will …
Namecoin and Bitcoin will be revolutionary see
“Orwell’s Dictum”

Joffe to pen HBO’s WikiLeaks movie – Entertainment News, TV News …
Rowan Joffe is on board as writer of HBO’s untitled WikiLeaks telepic.. TV
News from the entertainment source: Variety. Joffe to pen HBO’s WikiLeaks

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