When will the USA and NATO decide that it's Chavez' turn? By Oscar Heck

14 June 2011 — VHeadline.com

VHeadline commentarist Oscar Heck writes: Wow! Thanks to my good friend and writer (and translator), Franco Munini, another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. He sent me the link to a very interesting article about why Libya and Gaddhafi are suddenly being attacked by the USA and its allies. The similarities between what is happening in Libya (or rather the reasons why it is happening in Libya) and what is happening in Latin America these days is eerie.

Basically, the USA, France, England, Italy and their NATO allies have to stop Gaddhafi from further spreading his ideas throughout the entire African continent. His ideas would weaken the US dollar and other non-gold-based currencies to the point that they could become worthless on the African continent.

Gaddhafi has been leading several efforts with the goal of creating an independent and autonomous Africa, non-reliant on western financial, lending and banking systems and institutions, and non-reliant on western-controlled telecommunication and military technology, amongst other things.

For example, he had led the movement that created an African joint organization that owns its own satellite … to avoid paying exorbitant rental fees to European countries, as was previously being done.

Coincidentally, in 2008, Venezuela launched its own satellite, using Chinese technology.

Gaddhafi was also leading two major moves to form the African Union and the African Investment Bank and the African Monetary Fund, which would replace financing for the African Union countries that have traditionally been financed by western institutions such as the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Coincidentally, Venezuela (Chavez) along with concerted efforts on the part of Argentina (Cristina Fernandez), Cuba (Fidel and Raul Castro), Ecuador (Rafael Correa) and Bolivia (Evo Moralez), have been leading the process in putting together UNASUR, the Union of South American Nations and the formation of a common investment bank, Banco Del Sur, that would also replace the IMF and other western US-dollar-based lending institutions.

Gaddhafi has been proposing going a step further, by creating a common currency for the African Union.

UNASUR is proposing a common currency, the Sucre, to replace the US dollar for trade between UNASUR countries.

Gaddhafi has been proposing the unification of the military for the African Union.

A new, joint military school was recently inaugurated in Bolivia for UNASUR.

But the best is still to come. In July of this year, the announcement of the creation of CELAC will be announced (Community for Latin American and Caribbean States – which excludes Canada and the USA). The CELAC aims at replacing the OAS, which has been just as subservient and bootlicking to the USA and Canada as the UN is subservient and prostrate to the USA and its allies.

Venezuela has been considering changing the currency used for oil sales … and so has Gaddhafi.

For years, Libya was embargoed by the USA … and so is Venezuela in the military and oil sectors.

Venezuela is geographically in a strategic location, at the central top of South America, an excellent access point to the vast Amazonian resources, including its vast water supply. Libya is also central to Africa, and has access to some of the largest underground water resources in the world. And oil, of course.

Libya has been the main country leading the move toward African unity and independence from former colonizing countries … and Venezuela is the leader in the move toward South American unity and independence from former controlling countries such as the USA and Canada and its allies.

The USA and NATO are presently attacking Libya, trying to assassinate Gaddhafi and bring Libya back to colonization by western nations.

When will the USA and NATO decide that it’s Chavez’ turn?

Oscar Heck

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