Wikileaks Newslinks 14 June 2011

14 June 2011 —

WikiLeaks cables show worry about Saudi oil security
Secret US State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks and shared with McClatchy Newspapers and other news organizations show otherwise. Even though 70 percent of Saudi Arabia’s oil exports flow through the Abqaiq facility, Saudi security forces were …

Gang rape victim Mukhtaran Mai abused her power: WikiLeaks
Daily News & Analysis
The family of Pakistani gang rape victim Mukhtaran Mai became power brokers
in their local community due to her international recognition and increased
donor-provided resources, says a US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.
The cable, sent in 2006 …

Visits by Indian leaders were better under BJP: Israel
Economic Times
… visits from India under the UPA government, senior officials at the
Israeli foreign ministry told US diplomats that it was “better under the
Bhartiya Janata Party government,” according to a classified US diplomatic
cable released by WikiLeaks. …

Wikileaks latest stories print
Nassau Guardian
“Our public officials including myself can learn the cautionary tale of
being careful with your mouths, not to let these positions cause you to
show off. “…Secondly, that Bahamian public officials must stand up for
The Bahamas at all times. …

Exclusive: Page One Goes Inside the New York Times
Spending a year as a fly on the wall, Rossi captured The New York Times’
coverage of the WikiLeaks and other important stories that forced its
editors and writers to start to question how the world of journalism was
changing and what the Times had to …

Former Obama Advisor Says Wikileaks Is Wonderful For The US Government
While the White House seems to be doing whatever it possibly can to try to
file charges against folks involved in Wikileaks, a former Obama adviser is
talking up how wonderful Wikileaks has been for the US government, in that
it’s helped people …

Why the NATO powers are trying to assassinate Moammar Gaddafi
Center for Research on Globalization
by Brian Becker Wikileaks-released State Department cables from November
2007 and afterwards show the real reason for the mounting US hostility to
the Libyan government prior to the current civil war. NATO has been
dropping devastating bunker-busting …

WikiLeaks shows hidden agendas
Jamaica Gleaner
Many Jamaicans gloat at the headlines of these WikiLeaks revelations,
particularly when they concern matters related to political parties to
which they do not subscribe. However, these revelations only confirm what
many have suspected for years – the …

DOJ Details Access, Use of WikiLeaks Documents in Gitmo Cases
The BLT: Blog of Legal Times (blog)
Lawyers involved in Guantánamo Bay detainee litigation are permitted to
use their own computers to view WikiLeaks documents but cannot save, print
and share the information, the Justice Department said in guidance to the
attorneys. …

Targets beware: Al-Jazeera, WSJ exposing whistleblowers with Leaks scam
Attempting to compete with WikiLeaks, Al-Jazeera’s Al-Jazeera Transparency
Unit (AJTU) and the subsidiary of Dow Jones & Co., Inc, the Wall Street
Journal (WSJ) SafeHouse are luring whistleblowers to reveal deep dark
secrets but then fail to keep their …

Qaddafi Coddled by U.S. Oil Companies Whose Hearts Are Where The Money Is
US oil companies rallied on behalf of Muammar Qaddafi, according to
formerly secret State Department cables published this year by WikiLeaks
and lobbying records. Photo: Victor Sokolowicz/Bloomberg June 14
(Bloomberg) — Farhat Bengdara, …

WANSTEAD: Assange lawyer speaks of delight at receiving CBE
East London and West Essex Guardian Series
By Tom Porter » THE lawyer of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has spoken
of his delight at receiving a CBE. Mark Stephens, who lives near Wanstead
Golf Club, was awarded in the Queen’s Birthday Honours on Saturday, June
11, for his services to law and …

Benazir, Shujaat meeting in 2006 was not perchance: WikiLeaks
The Nation, Pakistan
The latest WikiLeaks cables have revealed that Benazir Bhutto and Chaudhry
Shujaat Hussain meeting in a marriage ceremony in Dubai was not perchance.
According to a cable which the US ambassador sent on December 29, Chaudhry
Shujaat knew that Benazir … publishes WikiLeaks ebook (blog)
The rush to get books in the shops in the wake of the WikiLeaks phenomenon
was quite predictable. It’s a story with all the Hollywood mores, but
strangely real. The films are soon to follow. Now Paris-based,
which helped build apps for …

US companies could have crashed in Pakistan: WikiLeaks
The Nation, Pakistan
A WikiLeaks cable reveals that the American companies could have lost an
estimated $1.82 billion investment due to unfair handling of the situation
by the Pakistani government. In a cable sent to Washington on January 26,
2008, the American ambassador …

The JUI-F puzzle
If his backstage antics before the Americans, as revealed by WikiLeaks,
were not sufficient proof of his simple, uncomplicated understanding of
situations and his own stakes in these, his words to the media on Sunday
should further endear him to his …

‘Just For Lulz,’ Hackers Target US Senate Website
New York Magazine
On Monday, Wikileaks-related hacker group Lulz Security, last seen punking
PBS in order to (falsely) report on Tupac’s “new life in New Zealand,”
hacked, the official website of the US Senate, releasing
internal data. …

Does Freedom Of The Press Extend To State Secrets?
In one recent case, the organization WikiLeaks exposed thousands of secret
military and diplomatic cables on its websites and through major media
organizations. Four experts recently debated the issue as a matter of
national security. …

Turkey Arrests 32 Suspected Anonymous Hacktivists
Sci-Tech Today
Anonymous gained fame last year when it issued a hit list of web sites
hostile to WikiLeaks. The group went on to attack PayPal and MasterCard,
which had stopped donations to WikiLeaks after the US government shut down
the site. …

Aliev: the Same but Different from Other Potentates
Transitions Online
According to a WikiLeaks cable obtained by a Norwegian newspaper, Aliev
berated a Norwegian energy official in 2007 who dared bring up the subject
of human rights and later declared that Norway’s Statoil would not get a
chance to market gas from a …

Anonymous Targets Malaysia Over File-Sharing Censorship
We have seen the censorship taken by the Malaysian government, blocking
sites like The Pirate Bay, and WikiLeaks. Malaysia is one of the world’s
strictest governments, even blocking out movies, and television shows.
These acts of censorship are …

POLIS LSE Media & Power Conference: Journalists working with audiences
Online Journalism Review
During and following the session titled ‘After the WikiLeaks’, panelist
Alisson Powell, Fellow at the LSE, blogged: “It is clear that systems of
power and influence are changing. It is also clear that states and
corporations will continue to have power …

Anonymous targeting Federal Reserve in next attack
Other Anonymous official targets have been Iran and Egypt, but the group is
probably best known for its DDoS attack on Sony in early April and attacks
against PayPal, Visa and MasterCard sites last year after those companies
stopped allowing WikiLeaks …

Bhaba joins PTI
Pakistan Observer
Welcoming him in PTI, Imran Khan said the country has been brought to the
brink of disaster by the incompetent and corrupt leadership of PPP and
PML-N. The WikiLeaks have exposed the double standards of these leaders.
They compromised national security …

Mixed Messages: US Talks Of Cleaning Up ‘Rogue’ Internet… While Underwriting …
On the one hand, we keep hearing about the need for laws to stop “rogue
sites,” to punish Wikileaks, and to shut down online black markets and
alternative currencies like Bitcoin… but then you have President Obama
and Secretary of State Hillary …

Hackers Hit
Two weeks ago the group took credit for hacking and Sony, exposing
employee information and leaking the source code for the Sony Computer
Entertainment Developer Network reportedly in retaliation for a negative
documentary program on WikiLeaks. …

‘Page One’ captures behind-the-scenes action at New York Times
Oklahoma Daily
In “Page One: Inside The New York Times,” Rossi and a camera crew
specifically followed The Times’ media desk as they report on Julian
Assange’s burgeoning WikiLeaks project, Sam Zell and Randy Michael’s
mismanagement of the Tribune Company and other …–scenes-acti/

The Email Witch Hunt of Sarah Palin; An Empty Capone’s Vault
Why wouldn’t Wikileaks be involved? The witch hunt has ended and those
demanding “answers” have nothing. Why then was the press so determined
to read the inner-office, personal and professional emails of Sarah Palin?
The Washington Post proudly …

Obama vows to help businesses…Pentagon Papers released…Levee fails
9&10 News
WASHINGTON (AP) — Call it the granddaddy of WikiLeaks. Four decades ago,
a young defense analyst leaked a top-secret study packed with damaging
revelations about America’s conduct of the Vietnam War. Today, the Pentagon
Papers finally came out in …

Website to battle secrecy bill
Times LIVE
The website,, is to be launched soon and will mirror the
WikiLeaks site – which publishes private, secret and classified documents
from anonymous news sources, news leaks and whistle-blowers. The
expatriates – none of whom will reveal …

Monday Letters: Military spending, log exports, smart meters, The Aerie …
Victoria Times Colonist
Could this have anything to do with our security perimeter deal with the US
and our active amalgamation as part of the North American union revealed by
WikiLeaks this week? The article illustrates exactly what is wrong with the
decision-making around …

In NC, Obama pushes jobs plan
Boston Globe
The group has also claimed credit for hacking into the systems of Sony and
Nintendo , and for defacing the PBS website after the public television
broadcaster aired a documentary seen as critical of WikiLeaks founder
Julian Assange. …

LulzSec hacks US Senate
Lulz Security (LulzSec) has emerged from obscurity over recent weeks with
attacks against PBS (over its documentary on Wikileaks), Sony and
FBI-affiliated security organisations, among others. The group had a busy
day on Monday: as well as stirring a …

IMF State-Backed Cyber-Attack Follows Hacks of Lab, G-20
Leaked US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks said that attack was
directed by high-level officials in the Chinese government security
apparatus. Wang Baodong, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington,
didn’t respond to a request …

US Navy turns back ship from North Korea
Pioneer Press
US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks in December described suspicions
of clandestine cooperation between the two isolated countries and
indications that hundreds of North Koreans were at one point working at a
covert military site in the Myanmar …

A New Kingdom: Gay Talese Sounds Off on The New York Times—Past, Present, and …
Vanity Fair
He shows scenes of layoffs and describes the Times’s partnership with
Wikileaks. Rossi was basking in praise, some of the most effusive coming
from Talese, who had called Rossi minutes after first watching the film
(Talese had been given a copy some …

New York Times or Wikileaks? – Big Journalism
By Kerry Patton
The New York Times can very well be construed as the next Wikileaks. This
specific article attacks young academics and entrepreneurs who have taken
serious risks to better the livelihoods of those living abroad. …

WikiLeaks Confirms North American Integration Scheme – Patriot Update
By Jennie Jones
Commenting on the new WikiLeaks revelations, William Gheen, president of
Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), said the planned merger was one
of the motives for failing to secure the southern U.S. border. …

Wikileaks El Salvador: Cables Report Salvadoran Disapproval of …
By Rachel Hatcher
A cable released by Wikileaks, 08SANSALVADOR1373 from December 16, 2008,
discusses a case filed before the Spanish Audiencia Nacional (National
Court) against the former president of El Salvador, Alfredo Cristiani. …

Wikileaks Cable Confirms Secret North American Union Agenda …
By Tom Retterbush
Wikileaks exposes a secret U.S. diplomatic cable written over six years
ago, confirming that a hidden agenda to merge the United States, Canada and
Mexico into an integrated North American Union has been secretly going on
for years. …

WikiLeaks Thailand #4: « FACT – Freedom Against Censorship Thailand
By facthai
[FACT comments: More than 3500 US diplomatic cables posted to WikiLeaks
relate to Thailand. We are posting these latest Thai releases exactly as
received in cooperation with other Thai free speech media. This is what
America thinks of …

Protest over WikiLeaks – Unfettered Letters
By Letters Editor
Protest over WikiLeaks. If we’d known about the protest march in
Leavenworth (6/4, C1, “Manning’s supporters march”), a lot more of us
would have been there. There has been no trial, so Army Pfc. Bradley
Manning is presumed innocent. …

The other WikiLeaks: 8 whistleblowing sites you probably don’t …
By Amanda Sevasti: Columnist
Last year a website called WikiLeaks and a man called Julian Assange made
the world’s most powerful governments quiver in fear. No army or diplomacy
could stop revelation after revelation, as classified communiqués and
documents were …

WSJ and Al-Jazeera whistleblowing sites can grass you up …
By Nick Farrell
When Wikileaks broke some great stories thanks to whistleblowers giving it
information, news outfits Al-Jazeera and the Wall Street Journal set up
copycat sites which they claimed would do the same thing. …

Bradley Manning Support Network » Update 6/13/11: ACLU sues State …
By emma
The American Civil Liberties Union announced on June 9th that it is suing
the U.S. State Department to declassify files already released by
Wikileaks. On April 12, the ACLU had filed a Freedom of Information Act
request for 23 embassy …

The “Purported” Detainee Assessments | Emptywheel
By emptywheel
When I posted on the new guidelines the government has given Gitmo lawyers
on how they can use the Gitmo Detainee Assessment Briefs released by

Anonymous threatens Bernanke — RT
The same online activist group made famous for attacking anti-WikiLeaks
sites and organizations has unleashed their vengeance on the Americans for
Prosperity website; a conservative group funded by the Koch brothers. …

How Journalists Data-Mined the Wikileaks Docs – Slashdot
meckdevil writes “Associated Press developer-journalist extraordinaire
Jonathan Stray gives a brilliant explanation of the use of data-mining
strategies to …

Feds’ policy on reading WikiLeaks docs ‘incoherent,’ critics say …
After weeks of internal debate about whether and how lawyers for Guantanamo
prisoners should be permitted to access the thousands of U.S. government

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