Video: Qaddafi Did NOT Threatens Attacks on Europe

1 July 2011 — Information Clearing House

Gaddafi is challenging Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama to switch on their TV and watch the crowd. He is saying that they will find out that they are delusional because they entered a war which they will never win, he also says if you continue targeting our houses we can do the same because Europe is not far away but he said lets not do this.

Huge Pro Gaddafi Rally In Tripoli

Look at the crowds, children and women. They are not here because I ordered them to come, they are here by their free will. In this war you are not facing me you are facing these crowds.

I am nothing, If you want peace with Libyans, it is up to the crowds.

If you want anything negotiate with the crowds. The regimes is not a Gaddafi regime, it is a Libyan regime.

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