Wikileaks Newslinks 11 July 2011

11 July 2011 —

Visa starts then halts Wikileaks donations acceptance
By Dave Neal PAYMENT FIRM Visa has explained why it briefly accepted donations made to Wikileaks and then promptly stopped. The firm was discovered to have dropped its embargo at the end of last week when Datacell, its Iceland-based hosting company …

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to attend Julian Assange’s 40th birthday party?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are among the celebrities expected to attend a
lavish 40th birthday party for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The
Australian whistleblower celebrates the landmark tonight, just two days
before a court hearing that will …

Julian Assange Plans Celebrity 40th Birthday Party, Invites Brad Pitt …
Wakey Wakey News
Julian is the infamous founder of the whistle blowing site Wikileaks and he
is facing extradition to Sweden on Tuesday. The man is wanted by Swedish
authorities for one charge of rape and another charge of sexual assault.
Although Julian is essentially …

Netherlands rejects US extradition request
Radio Netherlands
According to confidential US diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks, then
Foreign Minister Ben Bot asked the US in 2005 to witdraw its extradition
request. When Washington refused, the Netherlands eventually rejected the
request in 2008. …

Book explore how technology, gadgets and the internet shape our lives
The Star-Ledger –
Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder and central figure of “Inside
WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous
Website” (Crown, 285 pp., $23), by former WikiLeaks spokesman Daniel
Domscheit-Berg, is mercurial and abrasively …

Brig Imtiaz says CIA sponsored campaign against Army, ISI
The News International
In a statement made available to this correspondent he said the Washington
Post, New York Times and “WikiLeaks”, which he called a CIA ploy, have
embarked upon abuse of media Code of Ethics which can gravely undercut
already strained Pak-US relations …

Nothing Too Threatening to Publish
Nor to the media, nor any other public interest outlet, Wikileaks and the
rest. Claims of receiving this kind of material are bogus or based on
stupidity and ignorance, all too often lying to conceal being deceived. The
reason is simple, …

Pakistan’s nuclear challenges
The News International
Zardari’s ‘contribution’, as we know from the WikiLeaks cables, was
actually in facilitating the grant of exemption to India from the NSG
guidelines. At a meeting with US Ambassador Patterson in January 2009, he
reminded her that it had only taken a …

Hunter Newby on Communications in America – Net Neutrality
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
He uses the example of WikiLeaks. While some may find the information
scary, embarrassing, inappropriate, or unethical, the question is whether
or not the data contained within a WikiLeaks website should be blocked from
end points (users), …

F-16s: Don’t ask, don’t sell
Asia Times Online
As a 2009 WikiLeaks cable revealed, Ma’s US diplomacy is based on “no
surprises”. Presumably to contrast Kuomintang (KMT) sobriety and
responsibility with the loose-cannon radicalism of his opponents in the
independence-friendly (and confrontationally …

Expect to live your life online
Calgary Herald
Every government official and CEO sings from the transparency hymn book,
and while organizations such as WikiLeaks aim for maximum (too much?)
transparency from governments and large corporate entities, a number of
online businesses such as Facebook …

Zimbabwe: Govt-EU – More of the Same?
A Wikileaks cable reveals that MDC-T’s secretary-general, Biti also extends
his duties to become a local secretariat for EU sanctions by compiling
names of those who must or must not be on the EU hit list. As such the dead
whose names were removed from …

Envoy Meets With Leader of Yemen on Accord
New York Times
In the State Department cables released by WikiLeaks, the nature of the
American dance with Mr. Saleh before the uprisings was made particularly
vivid. In some cables, Mr. Saleh insisted on maintaining the fiction that
attacks on Al Qaeda were …

WikiLeaks nor the media have disclosed the behind-the-scenes dealing
between the Obama administration, …

News of the World fallout could change Britain’s media culture
The Guardian
From WikiLeaks, to MPs’ expenses, to documentaries about MPs and lobbyists,
to exposing arms trading, some of the most lauded reporters – including
on this paper – have pushed the boundaries of legality. The inquiry
should be careful about blanket bans …

Apple pulls pro-Palestine app
Green Left Weekly
The article pointed out Apple has already pulled an unofficial WikiLeaks
app that enabled people to make donations to the whistle-blowing site
“after PayPal, MasterCard and Visa all cancelled their cooperation with
WikiLeaks in what appeared part of a …

About that Debt Limit
The Moral Liberal
Have you followed WikiLeaks? Why are financial obligations more sacred than
human rights obligations? Yet another wise economist, Robert P. Murphy,
puts in all in perspective. Debt service currently consumes about one-sixth
of incoming revenues… …

Letters to the South Oakland Eccentric
Not near as long as George W. whose State Department had knowledge that
Osama was in Abbotoblad Pakistan according to cables obtained by Wikileaks
in September 2008. He then goes on to say that Franklin Roosevelt played a
role in the painful division …

United States: Investigate Bush, Other Top Officials, for Torture
Human Rights Watch (press release)
Documents made public by Wikileaks revealed that US pressure on Spanish
authorities to drop the case has continued under the Obama administration.
Human Rights Watch said that the US government’s failure to investigate US
officials for the torture and …

Twitter mob or Twitter revolution? NOTW and the journalism dilemma
Was WikiLeaks right to publish the private correspondence of government
officials last year? When I was a reporter at a Scottish daily paper, we
once withheld details of a planning application. The public thought the
property was going to be used for …

Cdn army inventories threats as new Afghan training mission kicks into gear
Winnipeg Free Press
1 on NATO’s “capture or kill” list, according to recently WikiLeaks
postings. The network is thought to be behind the complex and drawn out
attack on Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel last month. The base where
Canadian troops are headquartered — Camp …

Jordan pushes forward with plan for first nuclear power station
The National
A diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks in February revealed that the
Jordanian government was “anxious to sign a Nuclear Cooperation Agreement
with the United States”, which is required before US companies can provide
it with nuclear reactors, …

Pakistan in the Great Game
The Express Tribune
WikiLeaks alone will explain why American analysts reach this disturbing
conclusion. The present government in Pakistan has to restore national
purpose and pride or make room for others who may be able to do it.

Area Diplomat Stays Grounded
Fort Smith Times Record
Q: What did if feel like to go through the WikiLeaks experience in which so
much confidential information and communications was made public? A: It
felt awful. People who had talked to us thinking that what they had said to
me and other people would be …

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie invited to lavish 40th birthday party for …
Daily Mail
By Daily Mail Reporter WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is celebrating his
40th birthday – just two days before he fights attempts to extradite him to
Sweden to face rape charges. Among those said to be invited to the bash are
Brad Pitt and Angelina …–days-court-appeal-sex-charges.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

Fox’s Media Criticism Show Covers Casey Anthony, But Not Murdoch’s News Of The …
Media Matters for America (blog)
What about Soros and WikiLeaks? One poster even asked where Beck was on
this travesty. The far right are a bunch of dedicated dittoheahs indeed. by
mmfvl (July 10, 2011 9:19 pm ET) Gee, when someone brings up a point
against this 503(c) or …
See all stories on this topic:

‘Britain has always had spies and I think we spy very well’: Gary Oldman on …
Mail on Sunday
‘We have WikiLeaks – and the next step is that they’ll go after and
expose the corporate world, and it’ll be fascinating to see how that
impacts on the big corporations’ political agendas. There will always be
spies. We have to have them. …

“On Censorship, Art and WikiLeaks” by Meltem Arikan
By Meltem Arikan
Censorship is not just about forbidding discussion of certain facts or
limiting the freedom of thought. Our very patterns of thought, emotions,
and beliefs can be molded in ways beyond our control, both directly and

Book: Julian Assange Held Back Wikileaks About U.S., Israel …
By sakerfa
(PPTV) – People on both sides of the argument have been quick to rush to
judgement on the motivations of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. Moral crusader
or compromised egotist? In a new book about Assange written by the Guardian
journalists …

Contrary Brin: Transparency Wars Continue: Some Untold Effects of …
By David Brin
I discuss how WikiLeaks ignited the first international cyber war — and
how pro-business laws enacted to promote the growth of Silicon Valley’s
digital media and technology companies inadvertently nurtured
transformation activists …

“friday-lunch-club”: Wikileaks: Riszk to Feltman: ‘To use “legal …
By G, M, Z, or B
Wikileaks: Riszk to Feltman: ‘To use “legal tricks” to delay release
because it could affect March14 negatively’ · 07BEIRUT1005. Date: July 6,
2007 13:20. Lebanon: Rizk, speaking of «homework» of the Tribunal, voices
his concern over …

Wikileaks exposes North American Integration plot | Sp00kje Nieuws
By Admin
Sp00kje Nieuws – Wikileaks exposes North American Integration plot.

Donations to Wikileaks through Mastercard and Visa blocked… again …
By Mvelase Peppetta: Staff reporter
In the statement, Visa Europe said, “An acquirer briefly accepted
payments on a merchant site linked to WikiLeaks. As soon as this came to
our attention, action was taken with the suspension of Visa payment
acceptance to the site …

‘This is all about Assange consolidating his power’ – The Local
Daniel Domscheit-Berg recently spoke with Exberliner magazine’s Dana Kikic
about his intense three years at WikiLeaks, Julian Assange’s power-tripping
personality and his new whistleblower platform OpenLeaks.

warsystems » Bulletins from the future | The Economist
By bodo
The past year has also seen the rise to fame of WikiLeaks, an organisation
that publishes leaked documents supplied to it anonymously. WikiLeaks and
its media partners have published detailed records of the Afghan and Iraq
wars, …

Mike Philbin Blog: Cablegate – Julian Assange “didn’t want to …
By Mike Philbin
And you thought WIKILEAKS was all about “Truth and nothing but the
(unexpurgated) truth,” but it turns out this Chess Game may me a little
more subtle than that, a little more PERSONAL. Asasange didn’t want
WIKILEAKS to be obsessed with …

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